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Thinking of Getting Your First Dog? 6 Things to Know Before You Do

A dog is often seen as one of man’s best friends, but owning a dog and taking good care of it can be expensive and time-consuming. Dog ownership is a lot of responsibility, and your dog will be trusting you to take the best care of him you can in exchange for his love and loyalty.

Here is our list of the top six things you need to know before you adopt or buy a dog or a puppy.

You are Making a Lifetime Commitment

When you get a puppy or a dog, you are making a commitment to it that you will care and respect it for its lifetime. Dogs form deep and lasting bonds with their owners and their families and should become a family member in their own right.

Animal shelters and dog pounds are filled every day with loyal and caring dogs that have been mistreated or abandoned by people who didn’t make this commitment and responsibility seriously. Before you buy a puppy from a pet store or breeder, consider adopting a dog from a shelter or dog pound that needs a home.

Get Your Doggy Accessories Ready

Many people don’t buy the things they are going to need until the last minute. Pet stores make a lot of money this way, marking up products like dog bowls, leads, and travel cages to make a little more from unprepared dog buyers.

You can get a lot of what you need ready in advance, and shop around a little to get a good price. It is a good idea to have the things you need right away ready and waiting for your dog, and it is a nice way to welcome them to the family.

Choose Your Veterinarian in Advance

Knowing who to go to in an animal emergency should be something you have prepared in advance. Anything can happen, and you should know what to do and where to go in an emergency from day one. You can even consult with a local veterinarian before you adopt or buy your dog, and ask advice on breeds or shelters, or local dog breeders.

Get Some Pet Insurance

Planning for the worst and hoping for the best is a good idea in most situations, and dog insurance is a good idea to help you deal with the cost of vet bills or long-term health treatments. Many people wonder, do I need insurance for my dog? The truth is that many dog owners save thousands of dollars with pet insurance. Young dogs should be healthy, and not suffer any long-term or costly health problems, but getting some puppy insurance from a company like Prudent Pet can cost very little and still give you full coverage to help keep any medical bills down. You can get a free quote from their website which will help you to plan for the costs involved. They aim to refund up to 90% of eligible medical bills for any new condition that your dog develops, which could save you a great deal in medical bills.

You’re Going to Have to Groom Your Dog

Dog grooming is important, and if you are going to take the best care you can of your pooch, you are going to have to do a little yourself or be prepared to pay a professional to do it for you.

Some dogs can grow particularly long hair, and it will need regular cutting. The main concern is claws. These can damage floors, furniture, and scratch you and others when you are playing with your dog. If claws go uncut they can also get ‘ingrown’, and cause harm to your pet’s paws.

You Need to Brush Your Dogs Teeth

A great way to keep your dog healthy is to brush its teeth. This helps prevent all kinds of diseases, not just dental ones. Brushing your dog’s teeth three to five times a week is recommended, and your vet can help you choose the right brush and paste for your dog.

Lastly, make sure that getting a dog is the right decision for you and your family. A dog deserves a safe and loving home. You are committing to the animal for its lifetime.


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