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The Vet Suggested to put My Dogs on CBD Oil Products – How Do I Choose the Right One?

I am sure you have seen loads of different articles online that tell you about the different brands of CBD pet products on the market, that you should choose and how much they cost. Some are cheap with a sub-par quality and some are expensive with pretty much the same quality or a little better.

When feeding your dog, it should be a personal rule to make sure you know everything about what you are putting into its mouth, after all, you would like to know what’s being fed to you, so how about we extend the same courtesy to the one and only companion that sticks with you for life?

What you Should Look For

There are a few elements in all those different types of CBD products, that just like pet food and treats can have some junk-fillers in them which will do more harm to your pet rather than good. Not to mention which will only have a very minute amount of the actual CBD in it.

If your veterinary doctor has decided to put your pet onto a CBD Product, for instance, pethempcompany cbd oil tinctures or capsules, for a short amount of time to see if it does help him in any way. Before you shoot off to the pet store or grab yourself a handful of capsules, do your homework.

Things to look out for are:

Is There an Analysis of the Product?

Most manufacturers, especially with CBD products that are still being studied and on the border of legalities, should accompany the product with a certificate that tells how much of the actual CBD is in the product. As mentioned earlier, many of the names out there have very little amounts of THC in them, some don’t even have it, which to be fair, there is no point in buying.

Organic vs Non-Organic

Your first option should be an organic product that has been organically grown, and not just any but an FDA approved certified-organic product. If it is too expensive for you, then you can opt for a non-organic one, but make sure it does not have any artificial ingredients in it like peptides or fungicides, that do more harm than good. If a crop has been grown organically, it means it should have lived in clean and healthy soil for its entirety. You can read more in-depth information about this here.

Expensive is Not Always the Best

the whole misconception about expensive things should be better than cheaper things, which is not always the case with everything that’s on the market. If your price shopping for something as important as this, you may as well give your dog candy and call it a day. Yes, there may be some cheaper options that are also good – bonus! But don’t go a product based on its price first before looking at anything else i.e. the fine print on the product bottle or package.

The truth is, with most products that are legitimate, the price will automatically be higher due to the various ingredients in them, the higher amount of CBD in it, and the proper processes that were taken to get the oil or capsules in the bottle so as not to hinder it’s quality and importantly, it will be free of any artificial additives.

Liquid or Solid?

The majority vote leans towards liquids. The reason for this is, you can control the doses better. Because the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Commission) https://www.fda.gov/news-events/public-health-focus/fda-regulation-cannabis-and-cannabis-derived-products-including-cannabidiol-cbd has not as yet approved this ingredient for the use of both people or their animal’s products, it is always best to start with the smallest dose i.e. one small drop for a couple of weeks, then increase it slowly to two drops and such…

Make sure you keep a keen eye out on your pets’ behavior and any changes that may arise with him or her once you start introducing it to their meal or snack times. Any negative change should immediately be reported to the veterinary clinic. In the end, introducing anything new to your pet’s diet takes some adjustment not just for you but especially for it. if in doubt, always consult an expert in the field.

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