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The Ultimate Dog Birthday Party Checklist

Are you one of those few dogs’ lovers who enjoys throwing great dog birthday parties? Well, we have a checklist that will help you step things up a notch this year.

Lots of people think that dog birthday parties are somewhat overrated and unnecessary. They don’t just see the benefit of throwing a big blow-out party in honor of a pet. What they don’t understand is that the party is not just for your dog, it is for you too. There are tons of ideas for saying happy birthday that you, your dog, and your guesses can enjoy. Plus, it’s not so strange to show love and appreciation for an animal you love.

The checklist below contains a checklist that covers everything you need to consider before throwing the perfect party.

Think of a Creative Theme

A regular dog birthday party is fun, but a themed one is even better. Coming up with a theme can make the party more random and interesting. Every dog owners love to dress up their dogs in cute little costumes and this party will give them a good reason to play dress-up to their heart’s content.

Pick the Perfect Location

The location for your dog’s party should be large enough for pets and their owners to sit, walk, and party comfortably. Ideally, you want to use a big room or a backyard as the venue.

Organize the Dog Party Decor

Once you set the theme, organize the right decor that goes with the theme to decorate the venue. As you decorate, consider the practicality of the decoration; considering that there will be many dogs and puppies in the venue who can chew on the decorations.

Put Together the Guest List

You need to come up with a guest list. The list should include all the dogs and the owners you plan to invite. Make sure to invite only well-behaved dogs who do not become hostile around other dogs, for the safety of the other guests.

Send Out the Invitations

Once the guest list is in place, start sending out invitations and make RSVPs mandatory so you have a headcount beforehand to make arrangements for the party.

Get the Dog Birthday Cake

A birthday cannot be celebrated without the cake, so arrange for a dog cake made of treats from the dog’s bakery. Make sure the cake is safe for the dogs to eat and decorate the cake based on the theme of the party. Also, order for a normal cake for human guests at the party if you intend to serve them cake.

Plan Perfect Party Playtime Games

A party is not complete without fun playing games, so arrange for balls, Frisbees and other toys for the dogs to have fun. If possible, arrange for a doggie water slide or kiddie pool to add extra fun to the party.

Make Sure to Provide Poop Bags

With so much excitement, the dogs that attend the party may relieve themselves, so make sure you provide poop bags so that the owners can use it for their dogs if needed. This will reduce the risk of accidents.

Give Out Doggy Favors

After the excitement of the party, when it’s time to say goodbye, do not forget to hand over return gifts to your dog’s friends. You can hand out dog treats or toys that will make the other pups excited. The owners will also appreciate this.

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