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The Best Ways To Make Dog Grooming A Lot Less Hassle

Taking care of our appearance is something that most of us do on a daily basis. We take showers, brush our hair, visit the salon, and just generally do what we can to maintain good grooming and hygiene.

Unfortunately, dogs can’t really do that for themselves. If they want to be washed, brushed, or have their fur cut, they need us to do it for them. While that might be just one of the many responsibilities someone takes on when they become a dog owner, that doesn’t mean it’s not a hassle.

The good news, though, is that there are ways to make these processes a lot easier. By doing these five things, you can make grooming a more pleasurable experience for both you and your dog.

Do It Regularly

If you find grooming a hassle, the thought of doing it regularly probably doesn’t sound that appealing. However, the more often you do it, the easier it can become.

This is for several reasons. For one, if you groom your dog frequently, they’re less likely to develop problems that are tough to tackle. For instance, their fur probably won’t have so many knots, meaning you don’t have to put in much elbow grease to get them out.

What’s more, if you make grooming a regular occurrence, your dog is bound to enjoy it more. Their reluctance can often be what makes this task such a nightmare, so if they’re less fussy, things can go a lot smoother.

How regularly you should groom your dog depends on their coat type and length, so it’s worth checking this RSPCA resource to work out what’s best for your pet.

Make It Relaxing

Sometimes, the reason why grooming is so stressful is that you’re making it that way. It’s important to go into this task calm and collected because your dog can pick up on any negative feelings. If they recognize that you’re stressed, it’s only going to worry them.

Try to stay relaxed while grooming, and if you feel yourself getting frustrated, just take a moment to step back and breathe. You’ll be able to tell if your pet is freaking out because they’ll likely be shaking, whining, or panting, so be sure to look out for that behavior. If you notice it, do what you can to calm your dog down and let them know that everything’s okay.

Once you both feel more relaxed, continue with the task, making it as positive and calming an experience as possible. The more you do this, the easier it’ll become.

Feed Your Dog Raw Food To Improve Their Coat

If you want your dog to have a nicer coat without much intervention, it may be worth putting them on a raw food diet. That’s because a glossier coat is one of the benefits that come from eating such meals, along with improvements to energy levels, digestion, and the immune system.

For any new dog owners interested in making the switch, Bella & Duke have tons of information about raw dog food for puppies. There’s plenty of advice on how to handle changing their diet, with plenty of insight on what makes this food so great for your pup.

Of course, it’s not just younger dogs that can benefit from these meals. Bella & Duke provide natural food for canines of all ages, so no-one has to miss out on having a glossier coat.

Don’t Use Restraints

It’s understandable to think that restraining your dog during grooming may make the process easier. However, the opposite is true.

If you tether your pet during the process or grip them too forcefully, all you’ll do is stress them out. That makes them more likely to freak out during the experience, increasing the difficulty for you and giving them a negative impression of grooming. What’s more, there’s a greater risk that you’ll accidentally hurt them because they won’t stand still.

That’s not what you want, which is why it’s essential that you make things as calm as possible. If your dog gets too worked up because they feel trapped, it’ll just be a nightmare for the both of you.

Use The Right Equipment

If your dog doesn’t enjoy grooming, they usually let you know about it, and that can make the experience infinitely harder. While it might be hard to make your dog love this task, you can do things to make it more enjoyable for them.

For instance, it helps if you use the right equipment. You might think that one-brush-fits-all when it comes to grooming, but that’s definitely not the case. Different breeds have different coats, and it’s essential that you match the brush with the type of fur your dog has. If you’re clueless about this, you can find information about coats and brushes here.

We can’t promise that these tips will make grooming a walk in the park. However, with any luck, they’ll at least make it easier than it used to be, so caring for your pup’s appearance and hygiene will no longer be such a hassle.

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