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Smart Interactive Toys that Dogs Love

Dogs looking to be entertained for extended periods of time quickly grow bored of toys that don’t do much. Whilst stuffed teddies and chewable bones will be fun for a little while, smart dogs are looking for smart, interactive toys which keep them occupied for longer.

This is particularly true of dogs who spend lots of time alone or who have abandonment issues and so benefit from being kept busy whilst their owner is away from the home.

With pet owners always looking for new ways to keep their pups entertained, we went in search of smart interactive dog toys that dogs will LOVE and found five toys that we think are great.

Kong’s Classic Dog Toy

Food motivated dogs will go mad for Kong’s classic dog toy. These user friendly rubber toys have become the gold standard for dog lovers the world over with their simple design proving perfect for busy owners looking for quick enrichment activities for their pets.

These work by simply filling with food (you could use Kong’s food paste, dog friendly peanut butter or even tinned dog food), and leaving with your dog who will happily spend hours trying to lick the last drops of food from inside the toy. They are reusable and so are a great budget friendly toy. Why not freeze in the summer to help keep your dog cool?

Hide a Squirrel

With almost 12,000 customer reviews on Amazon (US) alone, it’s clear that Hide a Squirrel is an incredibly popular interactive dog toy. This boredom busting squeaky toy stimulates your pet’s mental play as he ferociously seeks to find the plush squirrels hidden within their tree trunk.

Once all the squirrels have been found, your pup will continue to be occupied by the tree trunk itself which is soft, chewable and easy to throw around. Guaranteed to keep your dog busy for the duration, it’s also very affordable at under £10. 12,000 people can’t be wrong!


If your dog loves playing fetch but you lack the stamina to keep up, you may be interested in the iFetch. iFetch is the automatic ball throwing toy for dogs. This battery powered toy can be set to throw balls to a distance suitable for your dog with settings of 10, 20 and 30 feet.

Your dog will not get tired of chasing after balls magically dispensed by this machine who will occupy your pup long after you’ve left work for the day. They’re not cheap at a cost of around £140 but they could be a great investment if you have an overactive dog who loves to fetch.

Trixie Dog Activity Chess

If you thought chess was just for humans, think again. Trixie dog activity chess is a little different than the average dog toy in that it doesn’t encourage chewing, chasing or fetching and instead promotes concentration. It’s a strategy game with changeable difficulty settings to suit all dogs.

The aim of the game is to move the chess pieces to find hidden treats. Mentally stimulating and challenging, this toy may prove difficult at first however with some gentle prompting from their owners, most dogs will learn how to use this very clever interactive toy. Priced at under £20 it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Foraging Mat

Dogs with great search instincts will love this foraging mat. Composed of various textures, colours and shapes, this mat makes mealtimes stimulating by allowing food and treats to be hidden all over for your dog to sniff out and locate. Perfect for dogs who are prone to rushing their meals, this toy will simultaneously slow your pup down whilst teaching them new skills. It’s great for stress relief and its machine washable material makes it a huge hit for owners. Finally Its low price of around £11 makes it a viable option for everyone.

With mental stimulation being just as important as physical stimulation for dogs, smart interactive toys are a necessity for every family pet. With toys to meet any budget available to purchase online, you’ll find it easy to acquire a toy that your dog will love.

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