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Should You Get Pet Insurance?

According to a Pet Owners survey by American Pet Products, taken in 2011-2012, there are 78 million household dogs, and on an average, dog owners spend about $250 a year just on routine veterinarian visits.  That is on routine visits alone.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

Costs of procedures

But what about unexpected cases and illnesses where specialty veterinary care is required?  In these cases, the cost of pet healthcare is steadily increasing.  some of the average costs of typical canine conditions are as follows:

  • MRI $500-1700
  • Mitral Valve, Syringomyelia, Luxating Patella (thousands)
  • Benign Skin Mass $552
  • Tooth Extraction $527
  • Skin Abscess, Inflammation,  $226
    or Pressure Ulcer
  • Cruciate (ACL) Rupture $3,118
  • Malignant Skin Mass $1,915
  • Cancer of the Spleen $2,404
  • Cancer of the Eyelid $531
  • Cancer of the Liver $1,662
  • Bladder Stones $1,589
  • Corneal Ulcer $802

At these costs, you would think that all pet owners would and should have pet insurance, however, it’s not that case, and in fact, less that 1% do.

Insurance is worth it

Due to unfortunate diseases common to the Cavalier King Charles breed (mitral valve disease, syringomyelia, luxating patella, etc.) in our opinion, the smart thing to do is to have peace of mind and to always have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pet Insurance.  A monthly insurance premium between $20-$60 (depending on the age of the animal and different coverages) helps to cover expensive bet bills down the road.  It often also helps cover the majority cost of routine veterinarian care.

Here is a video explaining both sides of the coin.  In the end, would you drive without automobile insurance or go without health insurance for yourself?  Is your wallet protected from unexpected circumstances?  As pets are family members for most of us, we value them as much as we value our own lives and insurance gives ultimate peace of mind.


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