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Reasons Why Dogs Howl And Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Howling

There are various unusual behaviors shown by the dogs that make us astonished and crazy both at the same time. Such behaviors include howling, moving in a circle, wagging tail, etc. As humans speak to showcase their thoughts, similarly, your pet might be communicating through their behavioral changes. Whenever you see your dog howling, don’t ignore it. He might be trying to say something to you.

If you are reading this article, you might be eager to know the reason why dogs howl and how to get rid of it. There are various reasons that you must understand to pay close attention to the howling behavior of your furry friend.

Here you will get a deep understanding of why dogs howl and how to prevent it.

Now, let’s take a look at six reasons why dogs howl.

#Reason-1 Keen to Seek Your Attention

Dogs are the most adorable creature of God. They crave our love and affection. Most of the dogs cry or starts to howl to seek our attention and make us notice them irrespective of the situation and time.

Moreover, if your dog feels ignored, then he might use this tactic to grab your attention.

So, don’t get irritated. It might be the natural way of your dog to request attention.

#Reason-2 Feel Separation Anxiety

As we get affectionate towards the dogs, similarly, dogs also have emotions and get attached to their owners. So, whenever they feel a sense of separation, they might start howling.

Have you ever gone through the same situation and ignore the unnatural behavior of your four-legged friend? If yes, then don’t forget to give a special treat as he might be going through separation anxiety.

#Reason-3 Medical Causes

Howling is one of the ways through which dogs might be trying to convey the message that something is physically wrong, and he is suffering from internal pain.

If your dog howls continuously and won’t stop, then there is something to worry about. Make sure your pet is not suffering from any injury or is not sick. So, don’t ignore the continuous howling of your dog and try to find out the reason behind his strange behavior.

#Reason-4 Excitement Overloaded

In some cases, dogs might howl when they see something exciting or receive praise. Howling is basically a natural mode of communication. Your four-legged friend might be trying to express his energetic and exciting feelings through howling after watching something new and enjoyable.

Moreover, it can also be considered as a model of success. Dogs howl when they want a little appreciation from their owner. So, don’t worry if you see your dog howling.

#Reason-5 Irritated or Upset

Sometimes dogs might howl when they feel sad or annoyed. Mostly they get annoyed when they listen to an irritating sound like mouth organ, electronic beeps, alarm clocks, etc.

In such situations, they might howl to convey the message that they are getting annoyed and need some silence to get relief from irritating sounds.

#Reason-6 In Response to High Sound

If your dog makes a howling sound after listening to high pitched noises, then there is nothing to worry about. It might be a natural phenomenon for dogs to respond to a high pitched sound like ambulance, train horn, fire truck sirens, etc.

So, don’t build up the tension. Your furry friend might stop howling after the sound stops.

Till now, you have gone through various reasons why dogs howl, and many times the howling sound of dogs tend to irritate the people around them, but don’t forget they have a specific reason to show such behavior.

Now, let’s take a rundown at some tips by considering which you can train your dog to be quiet and avoid him from howling.

Tips To Prevent Dog Howling

Let’s Begin

#Tip 1- Take your Dog for Exercise

If you take your dog for exercise, he might feel tired, and there will be fewer chances that your dog might howl. Moreover, Dr. Lee recommends that howling dogs need plenty of exercise for being active. So, make sure you take him outside to play and keep him busy.

#Tip 2- Provide Stimulating Toys Before Leaving

If your dog is going through separation anxiety issues, then this tip is for you. Always remember that busy dogs are less likely to howl. So, try to leave your dog with stimulating toys, especially when you are not at home. It will not only help you to keep your dog busy but also makes him feel your presence.

You may also go through this dog ownership guide to know more about how to handle dogs.

#Tip 3- Get Professional Help

If your dog howls and is looking for assurance, then you may need to train your dog and take him out from the stress or fear. Basically, he lacks confidence which needs to be fixed. So, the best way to keep your dog get rid of howling is by using a variety of training techniques and make him learn to stay quiet.

# Tip 4- Provide Proper Medication

If your dog cries because of severe pain or another medical issue, then it’s something to worry about. The best way to handle this situation is to take your dog to the vet and provide him proper medication. It will not only give relief to your canine friend but also makes him stay quiet.

# Tip 5- Wrap your Dog in Comfort Zone

Reducing stress will not only help you to keep your dog alive but also prevent your dog from howling. Wrapping your furry friend in a comfort zone calming vest will help you to reduce stress and makes him feel more secure. Moreover, it will create swaddling like an effect and will allow your dog to stay alone.

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The Last Say

Dogs are just like human beings; they also have feelings, showcase their emotions and try to communicate in one form or the other. Some dogs howl just to get attention, while others do it to express their pain, stress or anxiety.

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Now hopefully, you can easily recognize the reason why your dog howls and what precautions need to be taken to make him stay quiet and get relieved. Moreover, if you have seen some other unusual behavior in your pet, and want to know its remedy, feel free to share in the comment section below.

So, don’t worry! Get ready to understand the feelings of your fur buddy as he might be trying to say something through their howls.

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