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Raw Food Diet For Your Dog

Giving your pet the best care possible is a priority many dog owners take seriously. Your dog is your best friend and loyal companion and deserves a balanced high-quality and nutritious diet.

Every pet owner wants to extend the vitality and longevity of their beloved family companions and the best way to achieve this is to start with your dog’s diet. Whether your dog is a fussy eater, experiences allergies or needs a healthy diet, raw dog food can help your pet in various ways.

Raw Dog Food

If your dog suffers from allergies, digestive problems, skin ailments or experience appetite issues, raw dog food could be the solution to your dog’s needs.

Natures Menu uses only the best quality ingredients such as human grade meats, fruits and vegetables in their raw dog food products. Raw and raw inspired foods will provide your pet with the nutritious and wholesome diet they need.

Raw dog food is made from products specifically sourced from British suppliers (ethically sourced where possible) which are free of artificial colourings, derivatives and flavourings. Only the best natural sourced products for your pet’s diet.

Grain and chicken free products are also available for those dogs who cannot digest these foods, have allergies or are intolerant. Natures Menu has got your dog covered no matter what their nutritious needs may be.

The raw food is formulated in conjunction with Natures Menu’s veterinarians, so you know the food is of the highest quality providing complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.

Nature Inspired

Raw dog food is made up of natural and wholesome ingredients which do not contain bulking fillers, chemical additives, added sugars, rendered meats or artificial flavourings or colouring.

The stomach pH levels in dogs are lower than that of humans and with this in mind, raw dog food is as close to the diet dogs may have lived off as wild animals. Going back to the dog’s roots, so to say. The pH levels in a dog’s stomach means they can digest raw meat and bones as they were intended to before they became domesticated.

Reported benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet include reduction to allergies, fresher breath, better overall health and vitality, less flatulence and a reduction in inflammation. Healthy dogs equal happy dogs.

Convenient Storage

From farm to your freezer. With a range of raw foods to choose from, your pet will be spoilt for choice. Raw dog food is conveniently packaged to ensure fresh quality, choose from a variety of pouches, freeze-dried snacks, canned food, frozen nuggets, treat bars, bones, chews and dry food in resealable packs.

Raw food caters for dogs of all sizes, ages or diet specific needs. Whether you dog needs a low-fat diet, an allergy free diet or is a puppy with growing needs, raw food can cater for all these needs.

Ensure you have a happy and healthy dog by providing them with safe and balanced nutrition, so you can both reap the benefits of a dog on a raw food diet.

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