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Networking App for Dog Lovers

Have you ever been to a dog meetup? Did you enjoy networking with the people you met? How did you come to know about the dog meet? The community of dog lovers is huge, but it’s not always easy finding one another. helps dog lovers like yourself connect through their app, whether for friendship, dog walking buddies, even dating and offering dog related services. Their app is currently spread through word of mouth and reviews.


The app is available for Android and iOS, connecting friends from all platforms.  Download it here:

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Signing up is easy.  Just fill in your profile and preferences and you are all set to go!

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Using the App

Using the My Doggy Social app is simple.  It’s creators made usability straightforward and simple, and most importantly, it works!  Upon signing in, you will land at the home screen.

Main Menu

Upon logging in, you have the option of visiting the Dog Forum, browse Dog Photos (works like Instagram), or check out Match Maker (works similar to Tinder).

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The Dog Forum is a great place to ask questions or get information on things you are curious about.  The community is still gaining traction, so don’t expect a response right away for now.

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Dog Photos

Dog photos works similarly to instagram.  You can leave posts and pictures of your pet as well as browse through others posts and comments.

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Match Maker

The match maker area gets a little fun, where you can thumbs up and thumbs down a user’s profile.  You can set your match criteria in your profile to narrow search results.  Swipe left to skip user and swipe right to send a contact request and initiate a conversation.

Making new friends can be a lot more fun with myDoggySocial.  Whether looking for friends, finding interest in new products and services, learning of events and more, it’s worth a try!  Check it out today and leave your comments below.  Let us know what you think!

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