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Most dangerous worms in dogs and how to avoid them

For many of us, our beloved dog’s are part of our families. The canine creatures are faithful and friendly. Thus, we not only enjoy their company but also share a lot with them, including food and beds. Consequently, just like other members of the family, the thought of a sick pet throws us into a state of restlessness and worries.

Worms in dogs are one of the many threats that, if left untreated, can cause severe health-related complications in our canine friends. To encourage responsible dog ownership, we have unraveled fatal worms in dogs and ways to prevent them.

Some of the most threatening intestinal parasites in dogs include:

Heartworms in dogs

These are the most menacing type of worms in dogs as they can fatally damage the pet’s heart and lungs if left untreated. Infected mosquito bites transmit heartworms. And they grow and multiply within a dog’s heart..

Roundworms in dogs

Roundworms are the most common of all worm types among the carnivorous mammals. They exist in two types, which include Toxocara canis (more common in puppies) and Toxascaris leonina. They are transmitted through several processes, including contact with infected fecal matter of another animal and the nursing process. Roundworms can be transmitted to humans.

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Hookworms in dogs

Hookworms exist in several types and are the smallest among the types of worms that infest dogs. They are passed either through ingesting larvae from the environment. Or the nursing process between a bitch and her puppies. They reside in the small intestine and feed on a dog’s blood. Hence responsible for life-threatening anemia if left untreated.

Tapeworms in dogs

Tapeworms are among the most common internal parasites in dogs. They are acquired when a dog ingests tapeworm carrying hosts such as fleas.

Whipworms in dogs

Whipworms reside in the cecum and colon of dogs. They rarely cause any symptoms in dogs in mild cases but bear fatal consequences such as weight loss in severe cases.

How to prevent worms in dogs

Several ways you can prevent your canine friend from diseases caused by worms include:

Maintain a regular worm treatment

Worm infestation in dogs can be hard to spot from a superficial examination of the pet. Therefore, regular deworming of pets with the best dog dewormers is advisable every three months at a minimum. However, heartworms require monthly preventive medication measures, which can be administered at the advice of your vet.

Observe hygiene in your dogs’ living area

Maintaining cleanliness in your dog’s living area keeps worms out of its environment. Various hygiene measures to observe include: Regularly cleaning of the dog’s living space to remove fecal matter, among other waste materials. Clean kennel runs with a solution of bleach diluted in water often and preventing your dog from coming into contact with fecal matter when you go for walks.

Eliminate worm carrying pests around your dogs’ living area

Some of the methods that can be used in eliminating worm carrying pests around a dog’s living area include: Getting rid of stagnant water where mosquitoes may breed and using bait and trap to control infestations of rats. Where possible, one can always hire an exterminator for some professional work if experiencing too much trouble controlling pests.

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