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Linked Up For Animals

Linked Up For Animals is an online based community composed of animal organizations, animal advocates and all animal lovers log-on to interact, communicate and take up much-needed action to save and protect the fragile lives of the animals sharing the planet with us (humans) the superior animal.

The social media platform we have created is tailored to help persons that genuinely care about animals come aboard to discuss, support and call for action for animal welfare legislation.

Moreover; users can use this space to fundraise and post fundraising events, announce local adoptions and also share animal stories, pictures and videos.

The Linked Up For Animals social site additional purpose is to move info from one coast to the next eliciting conversation to a national level in the hope that this will help ramp up rapid responses to animals in need.

Why Linked Up For Animals?

Linked Up For Animals will operate as a leader in animal protection providing a social media platform that is geared towards the elevation of animal welfare organizations across the globe.

We are aware that presently there are no widely-known social media platforms that are exclusive to animal welfare and advocacy members.

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The site will help users create space for generosity and kindness as we develop steps that will significantly impact on problems afflicting animals on the planet.

Linked Up For Animals will also serve as a directory for members that desire to get involved with; volunteer work, donations or making their voices heard in an animal protection’s movement.

Giving Back

Linked Up For Animals will utilize all its profits to contract services with small and micro nonprofits. An action that will help a lot of nonprofits dependent on shoe-string budget reach out and impact more animals. It’s our goal to support such organizations save more animals.

In return, these nonprofits will help the community with crucial data on services rendered making it easy to track progress and identify areas of need across the nation. Having a robust online community passionate about animal protection and rescue means that nothing will make it difficult to reach out and take care of these animals.

As the people behind the Linked Up for Animals platform, we are 100% committed to making the world safer for animals. Join us today if you are passionate about animals and would love to see them leading a good life like they rightly should! Visit us today at Linked Up For Animals for your donations and more info.

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