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Is Figo the Right Pet Insurance for You?

Have you insured your pet? You may be wondering, do we even have pet insurance. Yes, there is. However, research has it that only a fraction of pet owners have insured their pets. The New York Times puts the number at only 1-2%.

Mostly, insurance coverage depends on the provider. Common coverage includes illness, wellness plans, veterinarian plans, and liability plans.

Surprisingly, there are numerous pet insurance providers and one of them is Figo. If you want to know more about other insurance providers as well as what else is best for your pet, then SuperPets it is.

However, is Figo the right pet insurance for you?

What is Figo

Figo is a pet insurance provider that has its origins at Google as one of its incubator projects. It is then not surprising that it is tech-based. In fact, it is the first cloud-based pet-related company and its services are available by using tech-based solutions such as an app.

So, if you don’t like the paperwork, then Figo is the way to go.

Which pets are insured?

Figo is flexible when it comes to the pet it insures. Your pet just needs to be above 8 weeks with no upper limit on age. It doesn’t have to be spayed or neutered.

You will not be required to take your pet for a detailed vet exam for it to be enrolled provided you its medical records. However, without the medical records, you will be required to have your pet examined by a vet within the first year.

Figo is attractive if you don’t want to have a vet exam on your pet and if your pet has been sidelined by other pet insurance covers.

What does it cover?

Figo insurance policies cover surgeries, hospitalizations, prescription medications, emergencies, knee conditions, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, prosthetics, imaging, and hip dysplasia.

All these are under the three coverage options; essential, preferred and ultimate.

  • Essential. The annual claims limit is $10,000 for accidents and/or illnesses. Behavioral conditions have an annual cap of $250.
  • Preferred. The annual claims limit is $14,000 for accidents and/or illnesses. Behavioral conditions annual cap is $500. The cover provides reimbursement for straying, lost pet, lost pet advertising, and emergency boarding fees.
  • Ultimate. The cover doesn’t have a limit on annual claims. Behavioral conditions annual cap is $1,000. It provides complete reimbursement for a lost pet, advertising/rewards for a lost pet, emergency boarding fees, vacation-based emergencies, and unexpected pet death.

Therefore if you prefer an insurance provider with various coverage options, then Figo is the right pet insurance for you. It gives you a choice to buy the cover that you can afford.

How is Figo priced?

The monthly premiums at Figo are based on the type of plan. Essential, which is the cheapest cover, starts at $15 a month for cats and $20 for dogs. Those who want can include exam fee coverage of $6.36 per month though it doesn’t cover routine visits.

Figo’s deductibles follow a linear system and they depend on the plan chosen. They are $100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000 or $1,500.

Why should you choose Figo?

The benefits of Figo depend on the plan you have chosen. With some plans, you can get reimbursement for exam fees.

It has an easy to understand deductibles that are an all-in-one annual deductible. The deductibles do not depend on the type of illness but on the type of plan.

Figo is cloud-based and so it is easy to make claims. You simply log in to the account, go to Claims, answer questions and upload the vet bill.

The claims take 7 business days to reimburse. So if you are in a hurry to get your money back, this may come as a disappointment.

Also, the waiting periods are shorter. You only need to wait for 5 days after your policy takes effect to file a claim for accident and 14 days in case of illness.

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