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Is CBD Oil For Dogs Any Good Or Is It Just A Myth?

There is a lot of traction going around the world about CBD and its effect on people. As well as that experts and recreational users have expanded this idea to use it on pets as well. This is especially true for dogs.

Of course, everyone wants to know if something can help out their dog, so that leads you to the most common questions about it. You need to understand what CBD oil is, and you also want to know all the benefits it can do to your pup.

What exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from a plant known as hemp. This is the plant that we make fabric and rope from, not the one that gets people high. Of course, CBD is present in both of them, but the oils are made from hemp since it contains a small dose of THC. The THC is what has the psychoactive molecules and gets you high, and this can be dangerous for dogs. Regular CBD oil has less than 0.3% of THC and thus makes it almost impossible for your dog to get any side effects. You can read more here: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cbd-oil-dogs-benefits-150119779.html

On the other hand, CBD has a lot of health benefits that have been studied in both humans and dogs. Even vets can prescribe them as a medicine that will help your dog. That’s especially true if you have an old dog or it has a lot of pain issues.

It helps a lot with pain management

To maintain a good life, most disabled or old dogs need some type of medicine. By using CBD oil, you can reduce the pain your animal friend feels. They can feel pain from all sorts of things. This can be inflammation, surgeries, injuries, or a chronic condition such as arthritis. These types of oils work on your dog’s endocannabinoid system. All mammals have it, and it produces small amounts of endocannabinoids. Of course, by introducing those from hemp oil, it can help in relaxing the muscles and maintaining the overall pain.

Most of the medications for dogs these days have a lot of side effects. They can cause liver damage to your pals or make them addicted to the pills. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to a lethal overdose. That’s why it’s much safer to try going to your vet and asking for hemp oil. You can read more on this dog page.

It can help a lot with inflammation

If your dog is handicapped in any sort of way, it likely has to swell in some parts of the body. This is also true for older dogs and those suffering from chronic conditions. The only good thing here is that there have been multiple studies that confirm the positive effect that CBD oil has. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory effects. One of the most recent studies showed that hemp oil reduced Osteoarthritis and ultimately stopped it from spreading in a few cases. These oils have almost zero side effects and can be used to get our old friends to enjoy the things they used to love.

Some old dogs get a reduced interest in the activities they adored. This can be walks or playing catch. But, doses as small as 2mg per day from CBD made them want to go out again. This also improved their mobility, and they were overall happier. The only thing you should do is to go to your veterinarian and ask for professional advice. Especially if your dog takes any other medications. A vet is a professional, and they will tell you the exact dosage that your animal friend needs. Click here to read more.

A few final words

If your pup has been feeling down and is going through a painful period, you can try giving them some CBD oil. It has a shallow dose of THC, and it can be helpful with a lot of problems such as inflammation, surgery, age, and chronic conditions. Give them the love they need because they’ve been giving you unconditional love for years. The least we can do is give them a few more moments of happiness and let them enjoy the things they used to love.  For a reliable source for CBD, visit cbdoil.co.uk.

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