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Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat

There are a lot of foods that people regularly consume which can seriously harm your dog. For example, onions and garlic, or anything containing the two are bad for your dog. Also, raisins, citric fruits, chocolate, alcohol and a lot more should be safely hidden from curious muzzles.

But we are not here to talk about what you can’t feed your dog, as there is a handful of human foods that are safe and even healthy for dogs.


Chicken meat is a suitable snack for dogs if you know how to give it safely. Dogs can consume cooked chicken meat and raw meat and bones, but never cooked bones. Cooked bones splinter easily and can cause many digestive health issues (perforations, intestinal blockage, etc.).

Soft, raw bones are chewy and can help your pup maintain excellent dental health. The chicken you buy for your dog should be from a reliable source and intended for human consumption.

Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and must always be given cooked to dogs. Uncooked salmon should be avoided at any cause.


Raw eggs and cooked eggs provide great health benefits for dogs. Raw ones can be given along with the shell so that the pup will receive enough protein, minerals, and vitamins. If you opt for cooked eggs, never use any seasoning (not even salt).

Dairy Products

Cheese and similar dairy products are an excellent and tasty dog treat. Actually, this is the case only for dogs that tolerate lactose well. Those that are lactose intolerant can experience mild digestive discomfort after consuming cheese products. Most dog owners prefer giving cottage cheese because it’s easy to digest and is rich in calcium and proteins.

Another beneficial dairy product for dogs is yogurt. Most pups love it and by eating it they improve their digestive health through the great amount of protein and digestive bacteria the yogurt contains. Be picky and always buy non-fat yogurt for your dog, without artificial flavor and sweeteners.

Fruit and Vegetables

A great amount of fiber and vitamin A is stored in pumpkin pulp. Dogs can eat fresh, cooked or canned pumpkin, of course without any spices or sugar. If your pooch has a sensitive stomach and frequent episodes of loose stool, pumpkin might fix the problem.

Carrots have similar ingredients like pumpkin and besides dealing with digestive issues they will clean your dog’s teeth as well. When a dog packs a few extra pounds, the carrot is an excellent choice of a treat because it’s tasty and low in calories. To this group, we can also add sweet potatoes, be it steamed or baked.

Apples are healthy and tasty and packed with vitamins C and A. Dogs can eat unpeeled apples as long as there are no seeds because they contain significant amounts of cyanide.

Unsalted peanut butter is one of the things dogs adore eating. Plus it’s packed with vitamins E and B, niacin and healthy fats, so no harm in giving it.

Before you start giving your dog peanut butter, make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol and other sugar substitutes that can harm the animal.

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