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How to Train Your Pups Not To Chew Your Shoes and Many More

At some point, you’ll find your shoes destroyed, gnawed, and chewed by your pomsky. Loves going on adventures, looking, hearing, and smelling new things, but they equally like to use their mouths to explore.

It’s a good thing training your pups to stop this habit is easy. Read more to have an idea of how to train your pups.

Understanding the Source

Why does your pup love to chew on shoes and other things? In toddlers, for example, they like chewing things because it’s their way of exploring everything. Babies, on the other hand, tend to chew things they can get their hands on to relief some gum discomfort. There could be several reasons why your pup has taken the habit of destructive chewing, and it’s essential to know where this is coming from.

If you think your pup is suffering from an anxiety or fear related problem, have a professional help you. Your puppy and even adult dogs could be chewing because of the following reasons:

  • Your pups weren’t trained to chew on essential things, and they’ve carried this over to adulthood.
  • They’re bored and have nothing to do.
  • Your pup suffers from anxiety or fear-related problems.
  • They want to be noticed.
  • They have no other object they can chew on, such as a toy or bone.

Teaching What to Chew

You can’t take away chewing entirely out of your dog’s habit, but you can always train them to chew. If you don’t want any of your essential things to be chewed, keep them away from your dog and store it in an area they can’t access. If you let them chew anything while they’re still pups, they’ll think that it’s okay, and they’ll carry that behavior when they’re adult dogs.

While your pomsky’s are still a pup, and they’re starting to teeth, you can use a cold, wet washcloth instead of your shoe. The coolness of the cloth will help with the pain in their gums and soothe it. You can also teach them by doing the following:

  • Give your dog toys which look different than household items;
  • Use toys when feeding your pups so they can build a positive association;
  • Put deterring substances on things you don’t want to be chewed. Make sure to exercise caution when you choose this remedy.
  • When you’ve caught your dog chewing on something important, make sure to give an alternative.

Giving Enough Play Time

Your pup needs to release a lot of their pent up energy so that they won’t turn destructive. Make sure you give your dog enough playtime during the day and allow them to run around the yard. While you let them play around, you’ll also be able to train them what not to do. Why they’re playing, you’ll notice that they might exhibit inappropriate behavior which you can correct early on.

You can also introduce physical and mental games to your pup, and they’ll love it. When your puppy doesn’t have anything to do anymore, they’ll look for something to amuse them, and you might not end up liking what they choose. Unlike when your pup is tired, they won’t exhibit any destructive behavior. You can play games like:

  • Fetch;
  • Finding things;
  • Basic commands, but make sure to give them treats.

Imposing Some Punishments

If you suddenly find that your dog chewed on something again, you can impose some punishments. Punishments don’t have to be painful nor harsh, and it’ll only involve some corrective behaviors. When you find your pup in the middle of chewing your shoe, reprimand them immediately and cautiously take the item away from them. They can associate your reprimand when they start chewing on something they’re not supposed too.

Dogs also feel guilty, and it’s a matter of how you reprimand them. You want your voice to be authoritative but not too loud that it’ll sound threatening to them. Your pup might feel some aggression towards you, and they might act in unwanted behavior. You can send your dog inside their crate for a time out.

Don’t Leave Them Alone

Another bulletproof plan is to keep an eye on your pups, especially when they’re roaming around the house. You don’t want them going out of your sight, only to learn that they’ve run off somewhere they can’t be. If you can’t keep them in your view for too long, place your pup in a safe space where they can’t destroy anything. You can put them in their crates and provide them with their favorite toys, water, and food.

At some point, your pup will end up chewing some of your things, and it’s okay. It’s often hard for your dogs to get ideas right on the first try, but with the right training, they’ll learn what to avoid moving forward.

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