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How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Bored

Even the most doting dog owners don’t have time to play with their dog 24/7. Dogs are loyal and clever animals and need mental stimulation frequently, or they will get bored.

When dogs have nothing to do, they will begin to find their own ways to combat their boredom.

These behaviors can often become problematic, such as chewing on furniture, knocking things over, barking excessively, and more. It’s essential for the well-being of your dog to keep them occupied and have fun with them. Here are some of the ways to do that.

Variety of Dog Toys

Like humans, dogs will get bored of playing with the same toy day in and day out. Think about kids with a new video game. At first, they want to play with it all the time, but soon they become bored with it and want something new.

Provide your dog with various types of dog toys, changing them out frequently before they get tired of them.

A great option is a dog subscription box from wagwellbox.com, where they will send you a new box each month containing new toys and treats, so your dog will always have something new to play with.

Activity Toys

Dogs are natural hunters and foragers. It’s still part of their genetics, and they get satisfaction from being able to forage for food.

There are many activity toys available, or you can make one yourself that gives your dog the chance to work for their food. Also, since it takes longer for them to get their food, it will entertain them for a more extended period.

Some options of activity toys include Kongs, long-lasting chews (such as pig’s ears), activity balls, or scatter feeding. You can also make your own activity toy by putting food or treats inside a cardboard tube wrapped in a towel and watch as they dig it out.

Play Fun Games with your Dog

Mental stimulation is essential for dogs and it is even better when it includes bonding with their owner. You can play games that challenge them and allow them to use their instinctive behaviors.

Some options of games you could play together might include:

Hide and Seek

Hide treats or a toy somewhere in the room and let your dog find it. You can start off playing in one room and expand to include more places as they get used to the game.

Train Tem to do Tricks

Teaching your dog to do tricks will help to challenge them mentally and keep their brain active. Plus, it’s fun to show your friends what new tricks your dog has learned. Start with basic tricks like sitting and lay down and progress to more complicated ones like shaking a paw, rollover, or spin around.

Paddling Pool

Most dogs love the water and setting up a little paddling pool for them in your yard will provide hours of entertainment. It will also help your dog to cool off in the hot summer months.

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