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How to Deal With the Loss of a Family Pet

Most pet lovers consider their pets as a part of their family. They even talk to them and include their pets in family events. When you lose a loved one, you feel grief and sadness. It is no different when losing a beloved dog or cat.

Letting Go of Guilt

Caregivers must make some hard decisions when they have a sick or older pet. They must decide when to say goodbye. If your vet recommends euthanasia, then your pet is probably in pain and not going to get better. At-home euthanasia in Philadelphia helps with maintaining the human-animal bond up until your furry friends’ very last moments. It creates a personal and peaceful experience for the family.

A veterinarian can come to your home and help with carrying out the euthanasia. It also can lead to feelings of guilt for some pet owners. However, choosing euthanasia for your pet is an act of compassion, love, and mercy.

Hold a Funeral

Grief is as unique as the individual and takes various steps. A funeral for your pet can help with healing, especially when you have children. It helps your family to come to terms with the loss and provides a special place to remember your dog or cat. You will have to choose whether to cremate or bury your pet. The vet can arrange the cremation, or you can go through pet cremation services.

Family members should participate in the funeral service. They can read a poem, say a prayer or tell a story about their pal. However, it would help to ignore anyone who disagrees because you must do what feels right for you.

Accept Support From Others

Grief is something you never get over, but you can learn to live with it. It helps to reach out to others who have lost pets. This support can come from pet loss support groups, hotlines, and online message boards. Your local humane society and veterinarian can refer you to a local support group. You will need support and love to move past your loss. Your family understands that losing a pet may bring your family together.

Someone who has experienced the loss of a cat, dog, or another family animal is more likely to understand what you are going through. Talking with other pet owners can help you move past the grief and start a new chapter. You should get to a point where thinking about your pet does not bring tears. Eventually, you can think of your pet and smile about the sweet memories.

Write a Pet Letter

Pet owners must acknowledge the death, which can take weeks or months. It takes time to build a relationship with your pet, and it will take time to get used to your dog not being around. Your pet lives on through your memories. It helps to reminisce about the happy and sad times.

This part of grieving is painful and must occur in small steps. You should embrace these memories and write a pet letter recalling your time together.

Give Special Attention to the Children

If your family includes children, it could be their first experience with death. Your child will feel a rollercoaster of emotions, such as fear, guilt, sadness, loneliness, and anger. Parents must help their children understand that these emotions are natural. It is okay for your child not to want to talk initially, but let them know you are there when ready to talk.

Parents should not hide their sadness about losing their pet. They should talk openly and share their feelings. It helps to set an example for your children when coping with grief. You are teaching your child that it is okay to feel sad when losing a loved one.

It is comforting to children to watch their parents cry when sad and share in the sadness. After a while, you must get back to your regular schedule. It helps to exercise and play with your surviving pets.

Some people find it hard to express their feelings because not everyone understands the gravity of losing a dog. It is normal to grieve the loss of a dog or a cat. Your family is not alone; it may take time before you bring a new pet into the home. Self-care and talking to others who relate can help you through the process of grieving a pet.

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