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How Often Must You Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian?

If you treat your pet like a fellow human being, you’d know that there are so many similarities that we share. They need frequent cleaning, tasty treats, activities, and more. One more thing that is similar like us is the need to visit a doctor.

If you have pets at home, you must be cautious about their health. This means that your pet cat or dog needs regular health checkup to ensure how they’re doing. If you’re wondering how often you need to take them, we have a guide that will help you.

To understand the frequency of your pet’s visit to a vet, you need to analyze their age and physical requirement. Here, we will be able to tell you when to take your pet cat or dog to the vet depending on the stages of their life.

Birth to 12 Months

Both kittens and puppies need vaccination once every four months. If you have a puppy, your vet will give them rabies injection, distemper-parvo, and some other types to prevent diseases. Your puppy might need shots to stay protected against health issues like influenza, kennel cough, Lyme disease, and more.

Kittens need tests for feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus. There is another vaccination that keeps them protected from several diseases. This is also the age when your pet can get heartworm, flea, and need tick-prevention medication depending on your geographical area.

Expert vets at Pharr Road Animal Hospital will be able to examine your pet and check on how well he’s growing. If they see no signs of illness, they might ask you to return after six months for spaying or neutering.

You must keep your vet updated on aspects like housebreaking, socialization, and training for your pet. If there are abnormal behavioral patterns, your vet might ask you to come over before the set time of your next visit.

12 months to 7 years

According to the animal and breed, your vet will recommend checkups for your pet. A yearly checkup is a must, but some doctors might ask you to bring your pet every six months. The doctor will go through a complete (head to tail) checkup. He might take a blood sample to verify if your dog has heartworms or not.

Cats don’t usually need this test because their results are not accurate. Vets recommend tests based on problems your pets have or if they detect an unusual physical or behavioral pattern.

Distemper-parvo, rabies booster injections, is two common types of medications they need every three years after the first year. However, your state law might determine how many times your animal needs rabies booster.

Your dog might need other vaccines to prevent illness like a cough, while outdoor cats you just petted need to take injections for feline leukemia. The best way to test your pet’s physical condition is to bring their stool sample. It will help the vet analyze internal parasites.

Seven Years or Older

Your vet will recommend you to bring your pet once every six months if it is over seven years old. They will have to go through the complete physical examination, check on tests, and health issues. They might need urine and blood tests to know about their liver and kidney condition. They also need to have a check on their thyroid hormone levels.

If you see any changes in your pet during this time, you must share it with your vet. For example, if your cat drinks more water than usual or your dog is not active or excited enough. These signs might reveal problems like kidney issues, arthritis, and so on. Don’t treat any new behavior normal because they can be signs that they’re sick.

How to Get your Pet Vet Ready?

Try to make your pet get used to traveling to a vet. An easy way to do so is by keeping their carrier out and adding toys and food to it. It is not right to put your pet in pressure or in an unlikely situation where they rebel against going inside the carrier or to the vet. Although experts know how to keep animals in control, they will not want to force any of their examination processes.

You must choose the best vet clinic in town so that you can offer the right treatment for your furry friends. Since they’re unable to tell you what’s wrong, you might never know when they’re facing a problem.

Try to train your animals into knowing the things they should and shouldn’t do, and with time they do pick those up. Animals are great at understanding you, and a dog reacts to you almost as humans do. Just be alert about them so that you can treat any of their physical problems quickly and keep them healthy and active all the time.

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