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How Do Dogs Get Fleas

If you are a dog owner that just got acquainted with a flea infestation on your pet we assure you it’s not the end of the world. At the same time, there are thousands of other dog owners who experience the same problem as you.

No matter how careful you have been, and despite your best efforts, these pesky little insects have their own way of getting on your dog.

Even with methods of prevention, as canny as they are, fleas can still enter your home through your dog. It takes just a few of them to nest in your yard and prepare for large-scale infestation of the inside and outside perimeters of the household. We will present a few ways that bring fleas on your doorstep.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

Other Animals

There is no possible way to keep wild animals out of the yard. If your house isn’t on a deserted island, raccoons, squirrels, feral cats, and rodents will frequently pass by. Unfortunately, most of them do carry fleas and ticks that will eventually infest your yard and your dog.

It takes just a few moments for your dog to spend on the contaminated soil and to get infested with fleas. You can minimize the risks by discouraging wild animals to visit your yard. Make sure you cleared out all offerings such as seeds, nuts, corn, left-overs, and dog food. Even a bowl of water can be an invitation for some smaller animals to drop by.

Aside from the indirect transmission, direct transmission is also quite common. The more sociable your dog is the greater the chances of getting fleas are. Not all owners pay enough attention to their dog’s well-being and often forget to keep their dog’s flea and tick preventative treatment up to date. That’s why it’s advisable for you to inspect your dog’s coat after each trip to the dog park.


As weird as it may sound, even humans can infest your dog and your home without even knowing. Any person can be a carrier of fleas. People can pick them up from their homes or their pets. When you spend time outdoors in an infested area, it’s pretty easy for fleas to get attached to your clothes and shoes. They are well adapted to hold on to anything that will provide their next blood meal.

Outside world

A dog can get fleas at every infested place. Whenever they come near, the fleas sense the dog’s presence and literally jump on him making their way through the hair to the skin. That means that visits at the veterinarian, boarding kennels, and trips to the groomer can all end up in flea infestations. Luckily, these places have high standards when it comes to hygiene and is highly unlikely to have fleas hanging around.

Even if it happens, don’t worry too much. Fleas are a small problem that can be solved with few baths and appropriate medications. It’s advisable to talk to your vet and decide which preventative flea treatment suits your dog’s lifestyle and habits the best.


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