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Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Did you ever notice a dog gobbling up food as if it was its last meal?  Seeing your dog eat with contentment will give you a strange feeling, and a deep satisfaction! Surely it will make you affectionate for him and your satisfaction will be much higher if you can feed your pet homemade food!

Cooking for pets can be a tough task where you even find it difficult to cook food for yourself! Simply because of this, people are accustomed to buying commercially made food for their dogs. You may not see the appropriate one for your dog from a wide variety of commercial dog foods, although some brands produce a nutritionally complete dog diet.

All of a sudden you may find or your vet may suggest that your dog requires some specific nutrition or limited food ingredients.  In such cases, the wisest decision is that you should make your own vet-approved dog food at home. There are ways to prepare easy homemade dog food, but consult with your vet before making meals, and be very careful about the accuracy of ingredients and process.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of homemade dog food.

Trusted Ingredients and Regulation

Dog owners seem to be more worried about their pets these days. If you ask them, they may reply that their pets can not adjust to the commercial foods.   You can see a vast number of negative comments from pet owners given on best dog blogs and numerous retailer websites that sell different dog foods. Either their dogs did not like to eat the food, or they could not digest the food well.

Why does it happen? It is because of wrong-ingredients that are not suitable specifically for your dog or other dogs. Sometimes, such food may contain cheap filler ingredients having lower nutritional value. By making dog food at home, you can regulate the food that is going into your dog’s diet. At the same time, you can pick the most trusted and suitable food ingredients subject to consultation with your vet.


If you feed your dog commercial foods, you must know how much it costs to buy good quality dog food. Among quality commercial foods, only a few are affordable, and the rest are quite expensive. Besides offering good food to your dogs, you can curtail such expenses to a greater extent by making food at home.

Think of your regular expenditure against dog food, and make an aggregate; you will feel starting to produce food at home. Indeed, making dog food at home is not hassle-free, and it takes time too; but compared to expenses, it is highly-relieving in most cases.

No Preservatives and Fresh Food

No matter if you buy the best category of commercial food for your dog, it contains artificial ingredients and preservatives. These foods also contain extra salt. Manufacturers have no way other than adding these ingredients to keep the food fresh and contamination-free.

But they are not harmless. For example, preservatives can aggravate dogs’ health conditions, such as promoting heart disease. On the other hand, homemade foods are entirely fresh and free from preservatives, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients.

Better Digestion and Immunity

By serving homemade food, your dog’s digestion system is improving, and so is their immunity. Like human beings, dogs’ bodies are more open to gain nutrition from fresh food that is cooked at home than the commercially made preserved food. You know, receiving more nutrition means becoming more digestive and immune.

Diet Variation

Suppose, you love sandwiches?  How long will you like them? Indeed, it will make you feel bored if you ate sandwiches all the time, and you will eventually stop eating them. A similar thing happens for a dog when you give the same food continuously. They may stop taking food or eat without any interest.

If you give homemade food to your dogs, you can implement a wide variety while choosing food for them. There are so many recipes, and you can even make new recipes knowing your dog’s taste subject to consultation with your vet. So, homemade food means variation in your dog’s diet.

Allergen Elimination

Your dog may be sensitive to specific food or ingredients that cause allergies. It may be commercially manufactured food or even homemade food. For a home-cooked meal, it is easy to learn which ingredient is responsible for an allergy, which is quite tough to figure out in store-bought food. You need to avoid allergy-causing ingredient(s) from your prepared food and make it suitable for your dog. But you have to abandon the specific commercial food entirely in such a case.

The Content of the Food

You can simply break down any healthy dog food recipe into the following ingredients: 50 % cooked protein, 25 % cooked complex carbs, and 25 % produce. According to weight, dogs at around 12 pounds of body weight should be fed 1 cup of food daily. Double the weight, double the portion, it’s as simple as that (ex. 25 pounds – 2 cups, 50 pounds – 4 cups, etc.). Make the transition from one food to another gradually over the course of a few days and make sure you consult your veterinarian to get the best advice on the matter.

Basic DIY Dog Food

The meal consists of 50 % ground turkey and peas as the protein part of the recipe. Different vegetables such as carrots, spinach, or zucchini make up 25 % of the meal and the rest is cooked brown rice. You can adjust the quantities and the ingredients according to your dog’s nutritional needs or taste. This batch of food is so much cheaper than buying commercially sold varieties that you’ll be amazed.

Rumbling Tummy Recipe

Certain homemade healthy dog food recipes can help a lot of puppies with suffering from allergies. Dog food allergies are more and more common and they can be a real nuisance. Some signs of food allergies in dogs include inflamed skin, itchiness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

After your vet has checked your dog’s digestive issue you can start using this recipe. The meal has ground meat (try veal or duck), pumpkin puree, grains, coconut oil, and a slew of produce. It’s really tasty and smells so good that no dog can resist it.

Homemade Dog Food with Beef/Pork

If you are unable to constantly cook for your dog, you can at least offer him a homemade meal at least twice per week. Even two weekly meals will do wonders for his wellness, coat, and immunity. One such recipe uses beef, apples, carrots, rice, and blueberries to create a dog treat that is filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Dogs fed with it will leave healthier and happier lives.

The best combination of ingredients for feeding homemade dog food on an everyday basis uses classic ingredients; brown rice, beans, frozen peas, carrots, squash, and beef/pork cooked slowly over the period of a few hours. You don’t have to do this every day. Make large quantities once per week and have a seven-day stash stored in your fridge. Just heat it up before serving and you are ready to go.

Last Words

Briefing the benefits of homemade dog food does not mean you have to give up purchasing food from markets. Still, there are some more reliable brands producing top quality dog foods. If you find those foods suitable for your dogs, of course, you can buy them. But if you have time and want to get the above-explained benefits, we suggest making food at home.

It’s not fair that we as humans constantly stress about making our dinner more interesting, while we treat our furry companions with the same old meal, day after day. Can you imagine how boring can that become for them? If you are feeding your dog with kibble it’s not a good idea to change it constantly. What you can do in order to spice up their food life is to make some DIY dog food meals. The recipes are cheap and simple and will make your dog love you even more if that’s possible.


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