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Smart GPS and QR Code Pet Tags

Have you ever had a pet run away or stolen from you? Or have you ever been away from home and wanted extra peace of mind that your pet is safe at home? For anyone who has lost a pet, it is devastating to the entire family.

In a previous post, we wrote about a gps tracking device that can track your dog, cat, or even child in real-time, but subscription was expensive and the to the second real time aspect can easily be misused for sneaky or inappropriate tracking.  

Here is another cool item that gives you that peace of mind and helps one to identify your pet or even your child in the event your dog, cat, or even child ever go missing.  We liked it for its privacy, free subscription and for being less invasive.

Tracker Tags, a Smart Pet Tag

New advances in technology have enabled the creation of a modern day pet tag.  Combined with QR technology, a database of information, messaging and more, this unique pet tag makes it easier for pets to be reunited with their owners.

Tracker tags includes some great features including:

Smart Tag system

Tracker Tags use QR code technology, meaning anyone with a mobile phone and QR code app can scan your pet’s Tracker Tag or enter their ID code listed on the tag on the Tracker Tag website to get in contact with you.

Private details

When registering and setting up your Tracker Tag, pet owners are able to list as many emails and phone numbers as they are able, along with details of your pet.  A privacy feature is available to hide contact info if needbe with the capability to securely message the owner.

Secure messaging from the find of your pet

To help reunite pets with their owners, the finder of your pet can return your pet to their owner safely by going to the website, entering the pet’s ID, and having the capability to message the owner.


Tracker Tags has a geo-location feature available while allows a smartphone to locate your pet with satellite technology.  Simply report your pet missing and Tracker Tags can instantly geo-locate the position of your pet.

Storing regular locations

You can store locations that you frequently visit with your pet and can send that information out to other Tracker Tag users.

Mobile app

The mobile app enables users to see any missing pets within 5 miles, has a built in QR code reader, enables account login and see a list of your pets which you can report missing using or use geo-location to track them down.

Tracker Tags offers a solid mobile app for iPhone and Android.

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