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Gifts for Your Pets to Stay Happy and Healthy Throughout the Year

The only people who can comprehend Barbra Streisand’s desire to clone her dog are other dog owners who feel the same way she does about their pets and everyone else.

Finding a practical Christmas present for the dog lover in your life might be difficult if you belong to the former group or are even, God forbid, a cat person. But even the most devoted dog owners may use some assistance in locating interesting and entertaining presents for their canine companions that go beyond the usual fare of food, toys, and transportation gear.

As a starting point, you need to understand the distinction between Pet Animals and Domestic Animals. We polled 35 professionals in the pet care industry to find out what they consider the most excellent present they’ve ever gotten and what they recommend to other dog owners.

Here are 68 of their top picks guaranteed to make any dog happy (as well as their human guardians). We’ve organized the things on the list by category so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for; select a link below to go directly to that part of the list.

We’ve kept track of the ones who didn’t make it in time for the holidays.

Best Gifts Ideas for Your Pets

It’s crucial to check the origin of toys and ensure they don’t contain harmful substances. Chew toys made of plastic include phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical often found in plastics, which may disrupt a dog’s hormones, according to research published in the journal Chemosphere. Cute as they may be, inexpensive novelty gifts like these aren’t the best option for your pet’s health and safety.

To help narrow down your options, we researched and compiled a list of the best available products to ensure that your pet remains healthy and content throughout the year.

Dog Bath Tool – Magic Shower

The Magic Shower is an innovative product turns your shower into a gentle pet wash, making bathing your furry friend a breeze.

It is basically a flexible funnel system that attaches to and fits most showerheads up to 7″ in diameter. This makes it easy to set up and use in any shower. Additionally, the 6-foot total length of the hose can be trimmed down to fit your shower, giving you the flexibility to customize it to your needs. The latest version has a new hose that is resistant to kinks.

You can also add soap directly to The Magic Shower to create a foaming wash for your pet. This makes it easy to soap up your pet and ensure that they get a thorough clean.

The Magic Shower is gravity-fed which eliminates aggressive water flow and makes the bathing process gentle and fast. This is especially important for pets who may be sensitive to water pressure or who need a more delicate touch during bath time.

The Magic Shower, allows you to coil the hose inside the product for seamless storage when not in use. This is a great feature for those who have limited storage space in their bathrooms.

Best of all, you can take this with you on vacation and trips, when hotel bathtubs or showers do not offer a hose.

Get the Magic Shower Here

A GPS and Health Tracker that can be Activated with a Whistle

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is their dog becoming missing. Thanks to Whistle’s cutting-edge GPS technology, you can monitor your pet’s whereabouts in real-time. The corresponding app helps you keep tabs on your dog’s well-being, establishes exercise targets according to their breed, weight, and age, and notifies you when it’s time to administer medicine or attend a checkup. Also, it’s water-resistant for up to 30 minutes, making it ideal for doggy swims.

Ideal for energetic dogs, outdoor dogs, dogs with excess weight, dogs prone to running away, and busy pet parents who want updates from their dog walker.

PetFusion Super Scratcher Seat for Kittens

Boxes and scraps of corrugated cardboard are essential in a cat’s daily routine. This sturdy cardboard couch may be used as a bed or a scratching post (or plot their next attack). This cardboard scratching post is reversible, produced from recycled materials, and offers double the scratching activity of a standard scratching post.

The Tough Mutt Hands-Free Dog Chain

A hands-free rope is a game-changer if you’ve never used one before. This strong leash is ideal for jogging, hiking, and strolling with your dog since it includes a waist strap that can be adjusted to the perfect fit and a bungee leash that extends to five feet (and beyond, with the addition of optional leash extensions). You can keep your hands toasty in the winter and save your arms some stress with our hands-free leash (and free to text or gesture).

Woolly Snuffle Mat for PAW5

Any dog owner who has returned home to find the kitchen garbage can smashed into pieces can attest to the fact that dogs are natural foragers always on the quest for food. Snuffle mats are sustainable dog toys that provide mental and physical stimulation by having dogs search for goodies buried in a maze of cloth. Allow your dog to do what they were meant to do in a pile of food or goodies.

Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Dog Bowl

Dogs who gobble up their food too quickly might benefit from using a slow-feed dog dish. According to author Ashlea Halpern, these bowls’ unique puzzle form causes sluggish canines to moderate their roll. Sophie, Halpern’s Chihuahua, seldom ever throws up when she uses it because she has to plan how to remove the food rather than mindlessly gulping it down. Check out our compiled list of the best puzzle bowls, as recommended by our experts.

Lesotc Foldable Pet Water Bottle

This water bottle doesn’t leak and has a lid that folds out into a bowl, so you can keep your dog watered no matter where you go, thanks to its folding cap that doubles as a bowl. It is BPA-free and built of materials that are kind to the environment and portable and lightweight.

Pet Microchip Feeder that Can Be Linked to a SureFeed

When you free-feed a cat, keeping tabs on how much they eat and how often they eat can be challenging. This feeder is microchip-operated to prevent food theft and links to an app that records how frequently and how much your pet consumes. This feeder helps pet owners stay organized and maintain their pets’ regular meal schedules, especially if they have many dogs or pets with unique nutritional demands.

This Dog Bed from Orvis is the Ultimate in Eco-friendly Luxury

Camerini maintains that every dog should have access to a comfortable, supporting bed. Camerini also likes that the cloth is sturdy and can be washed in a washing machine, as well as how well the design works for dogs of all ages. This one from Orvis is her favorite, and it makes a great present because you can have it monogrammed with the dog’s name for only $12.

Soft And Cuddly Furry Doughnut Hugger

We think your pup will sleep well on this shag dog bed, and it won’t break the bank. It has over a thousand five-star ratings on Amazon, is loved by the owners of four Strategist dogs, and is ideal for little dogs that want to hug and burrow.

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

Writer for the Strategic Thinker, Chantel Tattoli, highly recommends the mild Earthbath shampoo she purchased by mistake, assuming it was made for people. Benefits pets and humans with sensitive skin: Earthbath keeps ingredient lists short since cats and dogs absorb everything via their skin and fur, a business representative told her.

Apparel for Your Dog from Voyagers

At Voyagers K9 Clothes, you may find jackets and apparel for your dog tailored to its breed, whether you’re in the market for a warm winter coat, waterproof rain jacket, or trendy fleece. Voyagers’ clothing is fashionable, long-lasting, and tailored to your dog’s specific size and shape, and it’s made from weather-resistant fabrics that won’t irritate your dog’s skin or coat.

In A Nutshell

Sometimes we humans enjoy our pets’ toys and accessories more than they do, but some things are essential to your pet’s health and happiness.

The Humane Society of the United States says that toys are essential for dogs since they give mental and physical stimulation, comfort when you’re away from home and help avoid behavior issues. Furthermore, a study published in Stress & Health in March 2018 found that interacting with pets effectively reduces stress.

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot of money on toys for your pet, as anybody with a cat that enjoys cardboard boxes and crumpled paper can tell you.

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