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Five Benefits for Spaying and Neutering Your Dog

Licensing your dog is important for a number of reasons, but did you know you may be entitled to lower cost licensing fees if your dog is spayed or neutered? This is just one example of the many benefits there are to spay or neuter your dog. The following are five more benefits, each more beneficial than the next.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

1. It Improves Your Dog’s Health and Lifespan

Your dog’s chances of contracting reproductive cancers, such as testicular and uterine cancers, is enormously reduced after the minor surgery. Spaying and neutering also reduces the chances of prostate disorders, perineal fistulas, and pyometra. It may even reduce your dog’s chances of contracting diabetes. On average, spaying or neutering increases the average lifespan by 1 to 3 years.

2. It Can Keep Your Dog from Attempting Escape

Sexual urges are among the top reasons a dog runs away. Male dogs especially will do whatever they can to find a female partner; this includes digging under or jumping over fences. If your dog – male or female – frequently escapes, then spaying or neutering may help curb the behavior.

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3. It Can Save You Money

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, “Dogs get cancer at roughly the same rate as humans, while cats get fewer cancers.” Moreover, your dog’s chances of contracting cancer increases as he ages. “Cancer accounts for almost half of the deaths of pets over 10 years of age.” Considering the high cost of veterinarian care and the staggering statistics, isn’t it better to get your dog spayed or neutered to virtually ensure he doesn’t end up with a reproductive cancer?

As in the above pictured infographic, licensing fees increase dramatically when a dog isn’t spayed or neutered. Not all communities charge these fees, but most do. Considering you’re legally required to renew your dog’s license every year, it makes far more sense to sterilize your dog as soon as possible and avoid the hefty charges.

4. It Can Curb Bad/Aggressive Behavior

Does your male dog participate in urine-marking? Does your female whine incessantly during her heats? Spaying and neutering can eliminate these problems, as well as it may eliminate aggressive behaviors. Aggression is more of a problem in unaltered dogs and biting is more likely to occur in unaltered dogs than those who’ve been spayed or neutered. It’s not guaranteed that spaying and neutering will eliminate all bad behaviors, but statistically it’s likely to make a difference.

5.  It Benefits Your Entire Community

The best thing about spaying and neutering your dog is that it benefits your entire community. Stray and unwanted animals are an increasing problem in today’s society. These animals can be aggressive on the streets and most lead sad lives that ultimately land them in a shelter where chances are high they’ll be euthanized. This costs taxpayers a lot of money, but worse still it’s hard on the dog. By spaying or neutering your dog, you’re doing your part to ensure there aren’t more unwanted animals on the streets.

No dog should live its life unloved, unwanted, and then end its life tragically. Contact your veterinarian to schedule sterilization of your dog. If you’re worried about the cost, many communities offer low cost or no cost sterilization to eligible pet owners. Inquire with your veterinarian to determine if you qualify for one of these programs.

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