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Review: Find your lost pet and more with this effective pet tracker and GPS

Have you ever had a pet run away or stolen from you? Or have you ever been away from home and wanted extra peace of mind that your pet is safe at home? For anyone who has lost a pet, it is devastating to the entire family. Here is is one cool gadget that give you that peace of mind and helps you to track down your pet or even your child to the exact coordinate in the event your dog, cat, or even child ever goes missing.  And the gps tracking does not have to stop there.

The Paw Tracker Review

While made as a gps for pets, it could also be used for spy and detective work, or even to make sure your teenager is going where they say they are; as a gps tracker, it is a very responsible thing to have for you pet or child.  You can even track a package, automobile, or anything that needs gps tracking and needs to be located.

While the Paw Tracker is not a replacement for your fence, ID tags or pet chip, it is a useful tool in helping to find your lost or stolen pet or child.  Our review of the Paw Tracker was a very positive one.

For $100 with a $10/month membership to keep the gps active, peace of mind in having the Paw Tracker to track your pets or children seems to be a no brainer.  Membership covers data, text messaging, Caller ID, cellular monthly service and customer portal access.  A 30 Day free trial is available.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon opening the Paw Tracker, our first impression of it was that it was quite fashionable. We ordered the gold color, and were pleased with the result. The packaging and instructions that came with the product could be improved, but that wasn’t too important; what was is the quality and functionality of the product.

Product dimensions are 45mm x 50mm x 15mm, weighing 40 grams.  For a small animal, this might be a little heavy, but manageable.   Overall aesthetics are attractive and have a quality appearance.  As an added bonus, the Paw tracker is shockproof and waterproof.

AnyTracking App & Cool Features

The features of the Paw Tracker make it quite appealing to the pet owner.  Here are some features we liked:

Easy setup: device comes ready to use and is plug and play.  All we had to do was enter the login and default password and we were able to use the device right out of the box.

Real time tracking and historical routes: allows you to track your pet in real time, historical routes, with advanced detailed accuracy all the way to how fast the gps is going if your pet is in a car

Geo fence: setup a wireless perimeter and be alerted on your phone if your pet crosses the perimeter you have set around your house

Battery is 400mah and rechargeable.  Lasts 2-4 days depending on how often you want it to update the GPS.  You can set intervals for uploading GPS location data between 30 seconds to 10 minutes on standard mode, to 60 minutes for power saving.

Advanced Features

The features and functionality don’t stop there.  Here are some added bonuses.

Set 10 phonebook numbers to be alerted, 3 emergency phone numbers, and one main alert number

Control device remotely: Turn LED on or off to save power and remote reboot and power off; reboot the device remotely or power off

Alarms alert the app if the gps goes offline, low battery, paw tracker goes off perimeter, etc.

Two methods of charging: charge with the provided charging cable or with a micro usb cable.


In testing the Paw Tracker, we found it to be very accurate, detailed, and up-to-date as close as 30 seconds between gps refresh rates.  Battery life lasted between 2-4 days, 4 being a wider refresh rate.  We found the real time tracking to be very useful, historical route tracking with detailed accuracy up to a car’s speed detail, as with the geofence monitoring to alert you if the tracker has gone out of perimeter range, all very useful tools. While there could certainly be things that could be improved, like battery life, the variety in applications (package, child, automobile tracking) makes up for the areas it may lack in.

As stated earlier, while this device was made for locating your missing pet, we found that the tracking functionality provided by the paw tracker may also provide useful in a variety of other applications including detective work, locating a missing child, tracking a package, vehicle, cargo, and more.

The paw tracker is one useful gadget that we give you peace of mind and can save you grief in the future.

Get the Paw Tracker Here

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