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Fantastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all know the type. There are people who have a dog, and then are are dog lovers.

These people really love their four legged friends, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they prefer them to a lot of their human friends!

Pets and pet lovers love gifts year round. We’ve picked out some of the best gifts for your pooch-mad loved ones!

Hot Paws Kit

Hot Paws is a Do-It yourself kit for making a lasting glass keepsake of your furry friend’s paw, and you can do it right at home!

Hot Paws kit instructions are easy: make a ball with the included modeling material, squish the ball, and get a paw print. Let the it dry and mail it back to the Hot Sand Glass Blowing company in a pre-labeled, postage paid envelope included with the order.

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Hot Sand Glass Blowing receives it, and they create a mold to be filled with molten glass. Once cooled and set, it’s mailed back to you. The kit ingredients are gluten free, vegan, and simple enough for anyone to use.


Dachshund Planter

Love Dachshunds? Love plants? Marquis and Dawe have produced these amazing Brushwood planters made to look like one of the most recognisable dog breeds around!


Each planter is unique to you as they’re all individually hand made, and fully lined so you can easily pop your plants in!

Just make sure you don’t let your actual dog feel too threatened and attack your new flowers!

Get it here: https://amzn.to/2wvTdHS

‘Life is Better with a Dog’ Phone Case

Isn’t life better with a dog?  This iPhone 6 case gives dog lovers that special reminder, while taking their beloved pets picture, that every day is so much better with their pet.

100% Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA


‘The dog’s been walked’ sign

Sick of texting and ringing round the whole family to see if anybody’s taken the dog out today?

Does your four legged friend keep dragging you out of the house for walks every five minutes?


Why not get one of these double sided wall signs from Angelic Hen? Simply flip the sign over once you get back from walkies to let everybody know that that the dog has been walked!

The sign is made from wood and comes with a cord so you can hang it from a door or notice board.

Remote control talking pet bow tie

As amazing as it sounds, this bow tie for your furry friend is a great way to liven up those dreary walks.

Simply attach to your dog’s collar to instantly make them the envy of all those neighbour dogs.


What’s more, it comes with a remote control which activates a range of phrases such as “It wasn’t me” and “Does my breath smell?”.

Sure to elicit a couple of strange looks from the other dog walkers but great for a laugh!

Just make sure your dog weighs over 18kg or they may find themselves being weighed down by this gift!

Doggie Tags

Some dog owners might not be fully aware, but its actually a legal requirement for your dog to be wearing a collar displaying your information whilst in a public place.


If you want to jazz up your tag a little, why not purchase one of their customized tags, all handmade and personalized to your dog!

They can also be used as zip pulls, necklaces, bracelets or key rings.


As a nation, if there’s anything we love more than our dogs, it’s probably a good brew. Why not combine the two with a doggie themed mug?


It may be a bit of a standard gift option, but there’s a surprising amount of dog themed mugs out there, most coming with a message or joke which will suit the dog lover in your family down to a tee.

Memorial Keepsakes

For pet owners who’s beloved pet has gone over the rainbow bridge, Pets Cremation Jewelry offers beautiful and unique memorial cremation jewelry keepsakes that are hand-crafted, containing ashes encased in glass. Here are our new Aquamarine Glass Encased Pet Cremains Baroque Lampwork Glass Bead with Sterling Silver Hoops.

Pet ashes are encased in a bead that will eventually become a piece of memorial jewelry that will last a lifetime.
Pet ashes are encased in a bead that will eventually become a piece of memorial jewelry that will last a lifetime.

They sell for $65 plus shipping and you choose the color of the custom-made beads.

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