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More Fantastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all know the type. There are people who have a dog, and then are are dog lovers.

These people really love their four legged friends, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they prefer them to a lot of their human friends!

With lots of gift giving around the corner, we’ve picked out some of the best gifts for your pooch-mad loved ones!

Neat Products of Bull Terriers

Are you a fan of Bull Terriers?  They are such a sweet-tempered breeed, yet also rowdy, clownish, and full of fire and determination. offers a wide range of niche breed gifts for Bull Terriers, Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls and more.  If you’re a big fan of Bull Terriers, their collection of gift ideas for Bull Terrier lovers is quite a selection, with over 8 pages of products.  The same goes for Bull Dogs and Pit Bull lovers alike.

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From clothing and jewelry, accessories and phone cases, to assorted decor for the home, Barking Bullies has quite a selection.

3D T-shirts Lifelike Dog Print

These awesome 3D T-shirts with lifelike dog print are a fun conversation piece.  If you own one of these breeds or if your dog is a look-alike, these shirts can an interesting tribute to your pet.  Find these cool shirts at   Rescue Mutts Store is an accessory, fashion, and dog toy store that is stocked with tons of fun stuff for dog lovers everywhere, especially the ones who rescue dogs and give mutts a loving home.

To make things complete, all you have to do is get your face printed on your dog’s outfit!  Email them and maybe they can make it happen!


Paw Pendant Bling

This paw pendant bling can be worn not only by humans, but by your beloved pet as well.  You and your pet can both go out in style.

Find these cool accessories at Rescue Mutts Store.

GPS Pet Tracker

Have you ever had a pet run away or stolen from you? Or have you ever been away from home and wanted extra peace of mind that your pet is safe at home? For anyone who has lost a pet, it is devastating to the entire family. Here is is one cool gadget that give you that peace of mind and helps you to track down your pet or even your child to the exact coordinate in the event your dog, cat, or even child ever goes missing. And the gps tracking does not have to stop there.


Greet & Treat Your Pets from Anywhere, Anytime

PetChatz® is a new way to connect and interact with your pet from anywhere. They see you, hear you, and feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide.

Get it here:

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