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Surprising curiosities about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most amazing small dog breeds known as a companion dog and preferred due to its sweet temperament and appearance. The breed exists since the 16th century and has been changed by mixing many times with Pug.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Facts


There are lots of interesting facts that you probably don’t know about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Its name came from King Charles II of Britain who lived in the 17th century in England and was a great fan of this breed which was called after the monarch. A particular aspect of his appreciation is shown by the king’s decree according to which Cavalier Spaniels could not be denied entrance to any building, not even the House of Parliament where the other animals were forbidden.

After the death of King Charles II, the popularity of the breed decreased and he was bred with pugs from which he inherited a shorter snout and a domed head. These features exist nowadays in the breed which is different from the original King Charles Spaniel. The modern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a result of the cross between the original King Charles Spaniel with Pug. He inherited the short muzzle and domed skull shape from the Pug.

In 1920s, an American called Roswell Eldridge has the idea of “rebuild” the original breed and offered money to the person that could succeed to restore its snout as it appeared in 17th century portraits of Charles II. In 1928, just after the death of Roswell Eldridge, a woman named Mostyn Walker won the prize consisting in money for her dog that revived the original King Charles Spaniel and the breed was renamed Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel to be distinguished from the pug-faced King Charles Spaniel.

The breed was recognized by AKC in 1995, although it has a long history going back centuries. Despite his original use in hunting, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered a toy dog rather than a sport dog.

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Everybody knows that Cavalier is pretty, gentle, intelligent, agile, quick to learn, loving, affectionate and happy. That’s why he is an ideal companion for children and seniors. Beyond his medium maintenance coat, he has a low exercise and space need, being adaptable both to town and country living.  Check out our article on ways you can get fit with your dog.

Its nickname is “the comforter spaniel” because it loves to cuddle up with its owner and to act as a lap dog. Cavalier bonds with his owner and needs to spend time in his company to stay happy. So, he is not recommended for persons that are away from home for long periods. He is suitable for large family with children due to its temperament.

Cavalier Spaniel has a friendly and affectionate temperament and gets along well with other pets, including cats. He loves to chase birds and small animals and needs to be properly protected outdoor as he has the tendency to run after cars. Due to his agility, Cavalier gets great results at sport competitions and has excellent skills to work as a therapy dog.


He has silky, slightly wavy coat of medium length and large brown eyes, floppy ears, small body and plumy tail.  He comes in four color patterns which include Blenheim – chestnut or tan and white, tricolor – black, tan and white, ruby – solid red-brown color and black and tan.

Famous Cavaliers

Hollywood star Lauren Bacall owned a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Blenheim and Ronald Reagan gave first lady Nancy Reagan a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a Christmas gift in 1985 which was called Rex and lived in the White House and then in Reagan’s home from Los Angeles.

A tribute to these Cavalier King Charles lovers #nancyreagan

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If you’re searching for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for sale in Texas or anywhere in America, you should know that this breed is among America’s most popular breeds, being preferred due to his temperament and appearance.  

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