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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Wheelchairs

As dogs age, they can develop many conditions just as humans do, which can affect their ability to walk. This doesn’t mean they have to live a life in pain, instead, dog wheelchairs have been made to support dogs of all shapes and sizes, so they can continue to live their best life for as long as possible.

If you believe your dog may be in need of some assistance with getting around, here is everything you need to know about dog wheelchairs.

How Dog Wheelchairs Work

Dog wheelchairs are made to ease some of the weight bearing down on your dog’s legs, hips or spine. The most commonly used dog wheelchair is a rear support wheelchair. The good thing about these wheelchairs is the fact your dogs back legs are still able to touch the floor if they can still be used.

This means your dog can continue to use their legs for as long as possible whilst gaining support from the wheelchair, rather than taking away their ability to walk altogether. These wheelchairs can also help to prevent the progression of most spinal diseases. Rear wheelchairs can also be improved through the addition of front support.


The most common use of these chairs is for post-surgery recovery. If your dog has been through a surgery, rear chairs are great for gradually providing less and less support until your dog can walk unaided. The problem with dogs is that they do not understand that they cannot suddenly get up post-surgery and walk like usual. These chairs provide that independence for them so they can get back to their usual happy self as soon as possible.

Common Conditions

Dog wheelchairs are used for many conditions including spinal diseases as stated above. If your dog is going through a surgical procedure, you may want to speak to your vet about the benefit of investing in a dog wheelchair during recovery, so your dog doesn’t damage themselves post-surgery.

Arthritis is another common condition that older dogs suffer with. This can cause them serious pain and stop them from being able to go for regular walks. Rear support wheelchairs are also great for dogs that are rear amputees. A dog wheelchair may also be used when a surgical option isn’t suitable or available to your dog.

Getting Your Dog Their Own Wheelchair

Dog wheelchairs can be made to measure so that your dog will feel comfortable and supported in their chair. Dog wheelchairs are also completely adjustable and can be very lightweight. This rear support dog wheelchair comes with an expert fitting service and can even be custom made to be sent out on the same day. You will need to take accurate measurements of your canine friend so that the wheelchair can be made to support them accurately.

Dog wheelchairs are a great way to provide support and improve comfort for a range of conditions. If you are unsure about whether a dog wheelchair is the right option for your dog, speak to your vet.

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