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ESA Doctor – Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter

Emotional Support Animals are an exceptional therapy for people, who suffer from a variety of mental and physical diseases. These services are available in the USA and can be prescribed by a qualified doctor. All you need is a special Emotional Support Animal Letter, approved by a doctor.

Initially, when issued a special ESA recommendation, each person had to schedule a private meeting with an attending doctor in a regular or private clinic.

Today, there are specially oriented online services. The most popular and convenient digital service is Esadoctor.com.

This service provides excellent advantages for every client:

  • Everyone pays for the service only after qualified doctors approve the ESA letter
  • 12-month guarantee for every approved recommendation
  • Additional Medical Marijuana Recommendation with embossed gold seal
  • Personal information complete confidentiality
  • 24\7 work of the ESA doctor online service
  • Everyone can take their Emotional Support Animals on a plane without problems – this fact noted on legislation of the USA ESA Program

Every visitor needs to go through a simple registration process via the site:

  • Create a personal account and fill all required fields in a questionnaire. After approving the ESA letter, all information will be added to the general USA Emotional Support Animal program database
  • Wait ‘till doctor will inspect and approve your request. Usually, the inspecting process will take no longer than 15 minutes
  • After confirmation, you need to pay for ESA Doctor services. Price for services is only 99 dollars
  • Receive your ESA Letter or recommendation via email or regular mail.

After receiving an approved ESA Letter, you can select a pet from a licensed Pet Shelter. Most of the ESA animals have all required vaccinations and trained particularly for supporting people with special needs.  They can select who will be their new friend – a dog, a cat or even parrot.

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