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Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Cool and Comfortable in the Heat

As the weather starts to get warmer, it is necessary for dog owners to do what they can to keep their animals comfortable and cool. Just like you would want to escape the heat on a day where the temperature is high and the humidity is even worse, dogs tend to feel the same way.

How to Easily Tell When Your Dog is Too Hot

Unlike humans that can cool down quickly, it takes much longer for dogs to start cooling down. You will notice that your pet is getting a bit hot when it starts panting. It is not uncommon for dogs to overheat because they tend to have so much fur that keeps them warm during those cooler winter months. However, the fur becomes a bit of a nuisance when it is hot outside. When your dog is panting heavily and is not able to stand up the way that it normally would, the animally may be suffering from a heatstroke

Dogs with more fur tend to have it much worse during the warmer months. These dogs need to receive more attention and care when it comes to keeping them cool, comfortable, and completely hydrated with lots of water.

Dogs with flat faces can have trouble breathing in general because their snouts are so short. Some of the dogs with flat faces include Bulldogs and Pugs. The warmer weather can make it even more of a challenge for these animals to breathe easily, so make sure you pay attention to your dog and its breathing whenever you are out or at home. If you notice something strange or if you hear your dog making constant snorting noises, it is a good time to bring the dog over to a cool, shady spot where it can drink some water and try to relax.

When a dog has a thicker coat, it is naturally going to feel hotter than one without such a thick coat. It pays to have your dog properly groomed during the summer while having the animal’s fur trimmed down a bit by a professional groomer. Dogs that are known for their larger size, such as St Bernard’s, tend to have a tougher time in the heat, too.

If your pet is overweight or older, it may not do so well in the heat. Overheating is a real issue that can cause a dog to suffer from heatstroke, pass out, and possibly even die. Because it is such a serious issue, you will need to take precautionary measures to keep your pet cool, which means keeping the home cool, too.

A lot of people find that dog cooling pads are a big help. Pets can lie on them during warm times and they tend to cool down as they regulate the dog’s temperature – something dogs find hard to do as they’re covered in hair – if you wish to know more check out Dog Product Picker.

Getting Exercise During Hotter Months

You may think it is a good idea to skip out on the walks when it is too hot outside, but your dog will likely still need to get exercise. While you should not skip the walk, there are certain things you should do to ensure that the walk is far more comfortable for your pet, such as:

  • Choosing to go for a walk as the sun starts setting or before the sun is at its peak in the morning
  • Walking at a slow and steady pace instead of jogging or going for a brisk walk
  • Limiting the amount of time that you spend outdoors while on the walk to around 15-30 minutes

If you have an extremely active and energetic pup at home, you may need to go on more than just one walk a day. In that case, it is a good idea to go for a short walk in the morning and then another short walk at the end of the day as the sun starts to go down. If you notice some shade outside, you could always go for a walk in the afternoon, but make sure to stay on the shady side of the block instead of walking directly in the sun.

Ways to Work on Cooling Your Pup Down

When you need to start cooling your pup down on a hot day, there are plenty of things you can do to help the animal. These are a few tips to remember:

  • Always have your dog drink water before going out for a walk
  • Bring a bottle of cold water with you in case your dog wants something to drink while you are outside
  • Walk past shady spots and hang out under trees
  • Get a shallow pool for pets, fill it up with water, and put it in your backyard to give your dog something fun to do outdoors while beating the humidity and heat
  • Place cool, damp towels on the floor for your pet to rest on after coming back from a walk on a hot day
  • Have an air conditioning unit or fan running for when you get back with your pet and need to cool down a bit

Stay on Top of Grooming Your Pet

Some people get busy and forget to take their dogs to the groomers, but that is not something you want to do when the weather is hot outside. Aside from taking your pet to the groomers to have its fur trimmed on a routine basis, you should start brushing your pet at least once a day to remove some of that hair from its body.

Pet-friendly sun cream products are available. If your dog does not have a lot of fur, you should apply the cream to its body to keep it protected from the sun and its strong UV rays.

Travel Tips For Hot Days

Many dog owners love to bring their pets with them when they are going out. If you like to do the same thing, you should always have a carrier or seatbelt for your pet to keep the animal safe while you are driving. Roll the windows down to let a fresh breeze in the car or use the air conditioning system to keep the vehicle’s interior nice and cool. Always remember to bring your pet with you when you get out of the car. It is simply not safe to leave your pet alone in a vehicle on a hot day. You should also bring plenty of water with you in case your pet is going to need it.

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