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Don’t let fleas or ticks spoil your summer

The sun is shining and school is out for the summer. Families up and down the country are preparing for day trips, summer holidays and sleepovers, and as the days get busier one thing that often slips by the wayside is flea and tick treatment for our pets.

Fleas love the warmer weather and pet owners frequently see infestations develop during the summer months as dormant flea eggs in carpets, rugs and bedding begin to hatch. The flea lifecycle is hugely dependent on temperature, and if the weather is warm or the heating is on, they will happily thrive. The flea lifecycle begins with adult fleas feeding on the blood of their hosts, be that animal or human, and a female flea can go on to lay up 50 eggs a day within 24 hours of feeding.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

With hundreds of eggs on your pet at any one time, they literally act like salt shakers, spreading eggs around your home, on soft furnishings, bedding and anywhere else they lay. Each flea egg will grow into a pupa, and once the optimum temperatures of between 21 °C to 30 °C are reached, adult fleas will emerge from the pupae. Newly emerged adult fleas can only survive for around 7 days without feeding, however developed fleas can survive within their pupae for several months which is why infestations are often seen as soon as the temperatures rise.

Here we list the top three ways to keep fleas at bay both in your home and on your pet this summer.

Spot On Solutions

The best way to eliminate fleas and ticks altogether is to keep on top of regular flea and tick treatments that can be obtained as part of your Pet Care Plan. These are usually via a spot on liquid that is applied to the back of neck and between the shoulder blades of dogs and cats. Most treatments last for up to four weeks and some treat the environment and also cover other parasites such as ticks and roundworms to boot.  Check out some of our picks for the best flea medicine for dogs.

Soap Opera Ending

Fleas and ticks don’t do well in soapy water therefore regular baths can help eradicate unwanted fleas and ticks. Regularly comb your pets and kill any parasites trapped in the fleas comb prongs then bathe them in mild baby shampoo to remove any missed fleas and wash away their eggs.  Check out some of our picks for the best flea medicine for dogsFind flea prevention solutions here: https://amzn.to/2Iwd8ew

Also check out our pet coupon deals for our picks on the best dog flea medicine.

No Nasties Naturally

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a completely natural flea treatment that is incredibly effective. This super fine powder actually consists of tiny fossilized skeletal remains of plants called diatoms that has microscopic razor-sharp edges which cuts the fleas, leading to their death. Although lethal to fleas, this powder is completely harmless to both pets and humans alike. DE should be dusted over your pet’s bedding, soft furnishings, carpets, rugs, floorboards and anywhere else you suspect fleas could be lurking. DE can even be rubbed directly onto your pet’s coat to kill any adult fleas that are hidden within the fur.  Get Diatomaceous earth here: https://amzn.to/2jMy42U

The Paralysis Tick

Forget crocs, spiders and snakes – for many Australian dogs the Paralysis Tick may be the deadliest animal they are likely to encounter. Less than half the size of a pea, the Paralysis Tick packs a deadly poison. According to the University of Sydney, an estimated 10,000 dogs become infected with Paralysis Ticks each year, with approximately 500 of them perishing.

Fortunately, you can help prevent your dog from becoming infected by taking a few prudent steps. If your dog is bitten by a Paralysis Tick, effective treatments are available (especially if the tick is detected quickly), but treatment can quick cost thousands of dollars. Pet insurance can help protect your wallet, but be sure to check any sub-limits that may apply for tick paralysis.

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