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Dogs Sleeping in your Bed

Sleeping with pets isn’t unusual in the United States.  A survey by “American Pet Products Association” reports that nearly half the population of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds the majority being small to medium size dogs.  The survey also reports that over half of cats sleep with their adult owners, and 10% of cats sleep with children.

Is It Healthy to Sleep with Pets?

While pets are family and pet lovers would do almost anything for them, there are some health concerns that owners must be aware of.

Here are some common key points and concerns and how to address them:

  1. People who suffer from pet allergies or asthma should not sleep with their dog or cat or even allow them in the bedroom.
  • If you are to allow your dog or cat in your room, use a HEPA filter and keep them out of the bedroom to give your nose a few hours a day to recover.
  • Get allergy shots or take allergy medication to build up a tolerance to pet dander that causes allergic reactions.
  1. Some pet’s like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel snore very loudly.  A study by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center reports that about half of surveyed patients had a dog or cat, and half of those pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep in some way nightly which led to sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  • If you are not getting enough shut eye, you might consider earplugs or letting your dear pet stay in another room.
  1. It’s important to maintain cleanliness of your pet if you choose to allow them to sleep in your bed.  Some pets who also stay outdoors may bring in bugs, fleas, ticks, and even bed bugs.  These bugs can hitch a ride on your pet which may not only bring them into your house, but onto your bed.  Check out some of our picks for the best flea medicine for dogs.  Find flea prevention solutions here: https://amzn.to/2Iwd8ew
  • Inspect your bed for foreign bugs and signs of bugs.  If you find any traces of bugs or bug droppings, it’s time to change the sheets.
  • Wipe your pet’s paws, face and other areas that may be dirty
  • In certain cases where you want to make sure bugs do not stay on your bed, use a product like defensive-end.com to protect yourself from bugs and bed bugs.

If you can get over these points of concern, allowing your pet to sleep on your bed is for the most part safe.  Just be aware and take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure yours and your pet’s safety.

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