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Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend according to the old adage and who are we to argue. Dogs have befriended humans for centuries and are renowned as being kind and loyal bedfellows. So, here are the reasons you need a dog in your life.

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Dogs want to make people happy, it’s just that simple. In fact, there are studies that show dogs are more likely to approach someone who is crying or in pain than someone who isn’t and try to comfort them. It signifies the level of empathy that dogs show.


Dogs are known to also reduce stress and help people chill out. According to the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, dogs reduce stress and workers who bring them to the office are happier people who do their job better. It’s all because they have their dog around.

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Dogs are known to be able to predict whether a person is going to have seizure hours before it happens. This is only the case for certain dogs, which are trained in doing so. However, it’s quite an amazing feat and something people in the epileptic area are keen to find more about.


Keep you in Shape

Dogs need exercise and so people who have dogs are more prone to be physically active than people who don’t have dogs. It also keeps dogs in shape and helps keep canines healthy and insurance premiums low. From adults going to jog with a dog, to kids playing outside with them – they’re good for exercise. This helps people stay healthy and also reduces the risk of heart disease, as well as helps people de-stress.


Dogs also lead people to be more social and because of this they are great for meeting people. Generally, adults find it easier to approach people with a pooch and so this means that they are not just a companion, but also encourage companionship with others too.


On a one to one level, dogs provide people with company and also physical benefits. Studies show that saliva dogs use when licking actually stimulate nerves and muscles and help encourage oxygen to move around the body. This in turn helps heal wounds and also makes people feel better about them.


Dogs are also known to help people suffering dementia. They can be used to remind people to take their medicine, see a doctor and also help with the frustration these people tend to face. It’s also a nice way to offer these people some support and comfort and remind them that someone cares for them.


Dogs are a little dirty and though this may seem like a problem, it’s not in fact. Babies benefit from the germs that dogs have and it’s been shown that babies who are surrounded by dogs have fewer illnesses than those that don’t. In essence, dogs boost a child’s immune system.

Dogs are fantastic animals and have a whole host of seen and unseen benefits for owners and those that come into contact with them. Perhaps you should consider getting one yourself?

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