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Coconut Oil for Syringomyelia

A daily dose of coconut oil has seemed to help our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a slight case of Syringomyelia. There are not many studies or articles out there about coconut oil for Syringomyelia, but perhaps it has the same effect as an anti-inflammatory like Prednisone, which is commonly administered to dogs often twice a day in small doses.  Coconut oil is not just great for inflammation, it also boosts metabolism, helps balance hormones, is an anti-microbial agent and tastes delicious.  It’s anti-viral, ant-fungal, anti-bacterial, does a great job to balance the immune system, and is easy to digest.  It ‘s great for animals with intestinal issues, skin and coat problems, dry and flaky skin and paws, and more.

Active Ingredient

The main ingredient in coconut oil that helps reduce inflammation is lauric acid, according to “Coconut Oil: Discover the Key to Vibrant Health.”  In “Virgin Coconut Oil: Nature’s Miracle Medicine,” author Bruce Fife states that coconut oil is not as effective as anti-inflammatory medicines, but it has no side effects. A study in the February 2010 issue of “Pharmaceutical Biology” found virgin coconut oil, which is processed at low heat without chemicals, reduced ear and paw swelling in rats, while also inhibiting chronic inflammation.

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Dogs love coconut oil and beg for it. It’s a great supplement and goes well with food or by itself on a spoon.  It is a treat with a host of medical benefits.  It can be administered orally and topically for skin conditions.  1 teaspoon for every 10-20 lbs of body weight

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There are many claims regarding coconut oil, but studies are scarce. In humans, some say coconut oil is protection against heart disease, will help you lose body fat, or prevent and even treat cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, boost brain function in people with Alzheimer’s disease, stimulate thyroid function, and fight off bacterial, viral, and yeast infections.  There is little research to claims associated with coconut oil, however, because there are no side effects, we can only assume that it is safe as a supplement.

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