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What is an Emotional Support Dog?

There is no doubt that every dog is emotionally connected with his owner offering certain emotional comfort. However, an Emotional Support Dog needs to be prescribed to a person with a mental illness, by a professional licensed in mental health. The decision of whether a person needs the presence of a dog for the benefit of his own mental health …

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The “One-Bite” Rule For Dogs

If you’re a dog owner or simply someone who loves spending time with furry friends, you have to know the ‘One-Bite’ rule. This legal concept determines liability and responsibility in cases of dog bite incidents. The emotional connection people share with their pets can go very deeply, considering them as beloved family members. When it comes to responsible dog ownership, …

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Cleaner Spaces, Happier Pets: 7 FAQs About Effective Pet Waste Removal

Owning a dog fills our lives with joy, but it comes with a not-so-pleasant duty – managing pet waste. The inevitable odor, germs, and unsightly waste piles in dog-friendly spaces can be challenging. Fortunately, the emerging industry of pet waste removal services offers a solution. Recognizing that potential customers may have inquiries about this emerging service, we’ve assembled a list …

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Networking App for Dog Lovers

Have you ever been to a dog meetup? Did you enjoy networking with the people you met? How did you come to know about the dog meet? The community of dog lovers is huge, but it’s not always easy finding one another. mydoggysocial.com helps dog lovers like yourself connect through their app, whether for friendship, dog walking buddies, even dating …

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The Ultimate Dog-sitting Service

Exercising man’s best friend is more than just exercise, it keeps your pal from getting bored, is a great training opportunity, and teaches your pet how to socialize with other dogs.  It gives you exercise at the same time while making your bond stronger. When you are away When you are away and unable to take you beloved companion, leaving …

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5 Questions to Ask Your Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon

Knowing your pet needs orthopedic surgery is an extremely unpleasant experience for any pet owner. Orthopedic surgery is complicated and stressful for your pet and can cause you to experience severe amounts of stress and worry on their behalf. Unfortunately, sometimes orthopedic surgical procedures are necessary and unavoidable. There are many reasons why a pet might need orthopedic surgery, including …

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