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Dog Allergies: Does Yours Have Them?

Dogs suffer from allergies same way humans do. The mechanism is pretty simple to explain. The body, the immune system to be exact, recognizes certain substances the dog encounters as potentially dangerous and works its way to neutralize them. This doesn’t mean that the substances are necessarily dangerous, it’s just the immune system being overly cautious. While our blog’s mascot …

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Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?

Maybe for humans, the idea is seemingly disgusting, but for dogs, this phenomenon is perfectly normal. Actually, dogs benefit in a certain way from this habit and every owner should encourage such behavior. For you it’s not unusual at all to shake a person’s hand when you greet him/her, so for dogs sniffing other dogs’ bottoms is pretty much the …

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Breeder Guidelines for Selling Puppies

Selling puppies is a huge responsibility and it can be very overwhelming if you’re just starting out as a breeder. Even experienced breeders get foxed from time to time. As a breeder, you are responsible for taking care of the puppies and finding them good homes where they will be loved and well looked after. What are the basics that …

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8 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

As a senior, getting a dog is a great idea. They make excellent and loyal companions, and walking them helps you get exercise every day. You’ll want to find the best breed for you, and that will depend largely on your personality, but there are certain breeds that are best for seniors. Here are some breeds that you’ll want to …

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How Do Dogs Get Heartworm?

Canine Heartworm

Heartworm or Dirofilariosis is a widespread and potentially deadly parasitic disease that can be observed everywhere around the world. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply to any breed. The causative agent of the disease are worms that live and persist inside the heart, the associated blood vessels, and the the lungs causing organ …

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Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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