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Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

Humans love jerky!  And dogs do too!  But have you wondered if your dog can have it too?  Well, it depends – Jerky made for humans are often spiced and should not be given to dogs.  Jerky made for canine consumption, however, if made from quality meats, can be a good and nutritious dog treat. What is Jerky? Jerky is …

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How to Treat Lice on Dogs

Though lice infestation is not deadly for dogs, it is important that you treat your dog immediately when you see signs of lice infestations. Unfortunately, many dog owners are unaware of what they need to do to get rid of the lice infecting their pet’s body. And in this post, we list out things you must keep in mind when …

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How to Clean Dog Ears

Sticking to basic hygiene protocols regarding your dog’s ears can help you prevent the occurrence of nasty acute and chronic ear inflammation. The external ear canal is home to numerous bacteria and fungi that don’t cause any problems, but at a certain point which no one can predict, the micro flora can turn pathogenic and infective causing external otitis. It’s …

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Best Vacuums for Dog Hair

Out of the much benefits of owning a dog, there are also quite a few drawbacks. Picking out their shed fur around the house is a nightmare, but you can’t stop the shedding and you can’t leave your house dirty. Therefore the only thing you can do is pick up that vacuum and make your home shine, at least for …

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How Can You Tell if Your Dog Has Allergies?

Just like people, dogs too are prone to allergies that manifest in a specific way. Allergic reactions occur when the dog’s body is hyper-reactive to ingredient and components that aren’t necessarily harmful to the dog, but the immune system registered them like ones. So it’s safe to say that all types of allergic reactions are actually an immune defect. While …

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How To Register Your King Charles Cavalier As An Emotional Support Animal

Registering your dog as an emotional support animal (ESA) can significantly enhance your quality of life if you’re dealing with emotional or mental health challenges. Unlike service dogs, ESAs aren’t required to perform specific tasks but instead provide comfort and support through companionship. However, it’s important to understand that there’s no official registry for ESAs. So, when we mention registering …

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Can Dogs Eat Fish

Dogs are omnivores, meaning that they are capable of eating anything that looks appealing and interesting to them. Yes, that sometimes includes bad stuff. However, not everything humans consume is good for dogs and can rather be harmful. So talking about fish, is it okay for dogs to consume it? Since the question is a bit complicated to answer, let’s …

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