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Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass

Every dog’s favorite activity is to play and run outside. For most of them rolling in the grass is even more exciting than running. Some of the dogs just like lying down on the grass and enjoying the sun, while others roll happily around. The stinkier the grass is, the more likely the rolling will appear. If you are reading …

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How to Choose the Right Dog for You 

Bringing a new dog into your life is an exciting and rewarding experience, but choosing a dog that suits your lifestyle, preferences, and needs is essential. Dogs come in various sizes and temperaments—selecting the right breed makes for a harmonious relationship with your future canine companion. Some dogs are high-energy and prefer RawMix dog food made of protein-rich ingredients like …

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Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Did you ever notice a dog gobbling up food as if it was its last meal?  Seeing your dog eat with contentment will give you a strange feeling, and a deep satisfaction! Surely it will make you affectionate for him and your satisfaction will be much higher if you can feed your pet homemade food! Cooking for pets can be …

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Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Let’s admit it, fleas are a nuisance and we all hate fleas.  They are not only to your pet, but to people and other animals.  Their bites are itchy, can spread disease, and can even pass parasites through the bloodstream.  They can spread and are hard to get rid of.  It’s important to deal with fleas immediately once they are detected. While …

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How Much Benadryl for a Dog

Benadryl is widely used antihistaminic in humans and dogs blocking the biological effects of histamine inside the organism. The active ingredient in Benadryl is diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine belongs to the class of first-generation antihistamines; this means that it can cross the blood-brain barrier which makes it very effective but it also increases the risk of possible adverse reactions. Primarily the medication …

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Should your Dog be Eating Animal Bones?

You’ve most likely heard that dogs enjoy chewing on bones. You’ve undoubtedly also heard that dogs shouldn’t eat bones. With so much conflicting information on giving bones to dogs, it’s critical to be able to separate the truth from the fiction, including both the health advantages and hazards. Giving your dog a bone may be extremely harmful, or it can …

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Growing organic Pet Grass

Pet Patch thedogsnobs.com

Ever see your pet munching on grass in the yard or park, like a grazing cow?  Dogs need a little grass in their diets, especially if they do not spend a lot of time outdoors.   If you have a dog, growing pet grass, specifically for your dog is a great idea. This grass is also called intermediate wheatgrass, but it …

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5 Crucial Things To Know Before Giving Cannabis & CBD To Your Dog

With the advent of time, various states in the United States have expanded the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Although medical cannabis is not legal at a federal level yet, some laws have already been passed in different states to make its medicinal use legal. Furthermore, multiple types of research have been conducted regarding the use of …

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