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5 Ways Dogs Help Humans Live Better Lives

Dogs are one of the most influential animals in the lives of humans.  “Man’s best friend” doesn’t show any signs of waning in that friendship, and dogs are incredible creatures. Dogs are also much smarter than most other pets, and their human-like expressions help us to connect emotionally with our four-legged friends.  If you’re considering adopting your own pup, take …

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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Not many owners consider their dog’s dental health a priority. It’s a fact that your pet’s dental health is as important as your own. It should be one of the things that need to be taken care of daily because maintaining a clean oral cavity isn’t something the pup can do by himself. Nowadays, many veterinarians and veterinary technicians decide …

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The Evolution of Dog Healthcare: Relief Vets Leading the Way

From early domestication to modern times, the health and well-being of dogs have always been a priority for humans. As our understanding of canine medicine has grown over centuries, so too have the practices and services available to maintain the health of our furry companions. At the forefront of the evolution of dog healthcare have been relief veterinarians, filling critical …

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Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat

There are a lot of foods that people regularly consume which can seriously harm your dog. For example, onions and garlic, or anything containing the two are bad for your dog. Also, raisins, citric fruits, chocolate, alcohol and a lot more should be safely hidden from curious muzzles. But we are not here to talk about what you can’t feed …

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Dogs Sleeping in your Bed

Ruby Cavalier King Charles

Sleeping with pets isn’t unusual in the United States.  A survey by “American Pet Products Association” reports that nearly half the population of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds the majority being small to medium size dogs.  The survey also reports that over half of cats sleep with their adult owners, and 10% of cats sleep with children. Is It Healthy to Sleep with …

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How CBD Treats Can Help Your Pets!

Pet owners are going crazy over a new medicinal herb that is being used to treat all types of pet illnesses. This medicinal herb is known as cannabis, and pet owners are using it to treat a wide range of pet illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, and arthritis. Most of you may be surprised how an illegal drug is able …

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Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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