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Why Your Pet Needs Insurance

As a pet owner, taking out pet insurance is one of the most important things that you can do. Not only will it provide you with a much needed financial safety net for when things go wrong… but it could also end up saving your four-legged friend’s life. To find out exactly why your pet needs insurance, be sure to …

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

No one wants their dog to get sick; this is a member of your family, after all, and when they are unwell you are going to worry about them. Add to this the vet bills that can be very high, plus the additional care and medication you may need to give, and the idea that, in the most serious of …

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Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Dog

Humans and dogs aren’t so different, we both eat when we are bored and we both can put on weight when there is so much time and nothing to do. Both you and your pets need to be active and while dogs whom overindulge in food somehow seem to be even cuter, unfortunately for us humans this doesn’t apply.  From …

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Pet Insurance Reviews

As diseases are unfortunately common in the Cavalier King Charles breed, it is wise to shop around for pet insurance.  Do your research and look into various pet insurance and reviews.   Make sure the insurance company covers chronic illness, as diseases like Mitral Valve, Syringomyelia, Luxating Patella, progress overtime and are not covered by certain insurance companies.  Here are some …

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Should You Get Pet Insurance?

According to a Pet Owners survey by American Pet Products, taken in 2011-2012, there are 78 million household dogs, and on an average, dog owners spend about $250 a year just on routine veterinarian visits.  That is on routine visits alone. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. Costs of procedures …

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