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4 Things To Know Before Getting A Family Pet

At some point in every child’s life, there is a desire to own a pet. Owning a pet has proven to promote mental and emotional development in children. Additionally, having a pet is a great way to teach kids virtues like taking responsibilities, friendship, trust, and love. In addition, owning a pet promotes your child’s social skills, reduces stress and …

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Best Dogs for Kids/Best Family Dogs

Introducing a furry friend in your family is an important decision requiring careful consideration as to which dog breed to choose. First of all, make sure that everyone else in the family is up for getting a dog and that each and everyone understands how to behave towards the dog and knows his responsibilities. Getting a new dog is a …

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Why Do Dogs Stare at You

Careful! You are being watched! It’s a funny feeling knowing that someone or something is watching your every step. It’s even weirder that it’s your own dog monitoring you while you eat your lunch, work on your laptop or brush your teeth. Luckily, it’s far less disconcerting being watched by your dog rather than being constantly observed by a person. …

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How Long are Dogs Pregnant?

Every intact female dog (a female that hasn’t been spayed) goes into heat every six months when her reproductive system is working normally. Even though the majority of female dogs go into heat twice a year, there are slight variations regarding breed and the size of the dog. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips …

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I was a hero this morning, 9-30-13. Woke up my humans up as a thief tried to break in through the window

Ruby Cavalier King Charles

Thank you for all the facebook love everyone! http://www.facebook.com/sleepyginger It was early morning, about 5am when a I woke my humans up from my persistent barking.  My human thought nothing of it and thought it was just one of the neighbors walking their dog.  My then realized it was a bit early to be walking a dog. Minutes later, a man was at …

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Animal Photography: 7 Key Tips

Taking better images of your animal or animals in general needn’t be as tricky as you’d imagine – check out these 7 key tips for better photos. Lighting Lighting is always the biggest concern you have when taking pictures no matter what your subject is. If your animal is poorly-lit, your camera will probably attempt to compensate. The most common …

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Can Dogs See Ghosts

Often, dog owners see their pups stare into the distance as if they are observing something fishy. So it’s normal to question whether they are thinking of something or maybe sensing some paranormal activity. This topic has been discussed many times between dog owners and paranormal activity experts. How can an owner tell if his dog is able to see …

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7 Tips To Stay In Hotels With Your Dog

Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more common, making it easier than ever to take your pet when traveling. Sometimes, sharing a hotel room with your dog can be a challenge whether you’re staying for a single night or a whole week. If your dog is a sensitive traveler, you may feel uneasy in an unfamiliar environment. Anyway, there are several simple …

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About Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Ruby and Tri Color Cavalier King Charles

Also check out our expanded version about  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on our blog. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog by The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. They have silky, smooth coats and commonly a smooth undocked tail. The breed standard recognizes four colors: Ruby Cavalier King Charles, like ginger (rich …

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Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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