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Already Own A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Household

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a great breed of dog that gets on well with everyone. As such, they’re renowned as being a great breed for first-time dog owners. Once you’ve had one Cavalier, you’ll soon want another dog, whether the same breed or another. Whatever you want, you need to make sure you introduce the new dog the right …

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Are you giving your dog too many commands?

Are you giving your dog too many commands? Are you giving commands over and over again? Of course, dogs need to learn commands, but if your dog needs commands to behave in a social setting, something is missing. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. Training needs foundation and focus. There …

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Caring for a Deaf Dog

There’s nothing quite like seeing your dog’s ears perk up when you call their name, or the quizzical head tilt that they do when they want to hear us better. Deaf dogs, on the other hand, experience the world differently. While they may never perform these cute little behaviours, they still possess the capacity to love their owners just as …

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How to Stop a Dog from Barking Too Much

There is no single reason that drives dogs to bark, and unfortunately not a simple solution to excessive barking. Of course, mild to moderate barking is considered to be normal and part of the dog’s natural behavior. Excessive barking, however, is really frustrating and irritating both for the owners and their neighbors. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King …

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How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Bored

Even the most doting dog owners don’t have time to play with their dog 24/7. Dogs are loyal and clever animals and need mental stimulation frequently, or they will get bored. When dogs have nothing to do, they will begin to find their own ways to combat their boredom. These behaviors can often become problematic, such as chewing on furniture, …

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Reasons Why Dogs Howl And Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Howling

There are various unusual behaviors shown by the dogs that make us astonished and crazy both at the same time. Such behaviors include howling, moving in a circle, wagging tail, etc. As humans speak to showcase their thoughts, similarly, your pet might be communicating through their behavioral changes. Whenever you see your dog howling, don’t ignore it. He might be …

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Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass

Every dog’s favorite activity is to play and run outside. For most of them rolling in the grass is even more exciting than running. Some of the dogs just like lying down on the grass and enjoying the sun, while others roll happily around. The stinkier the grass is, the more likely the rolling will appear. If you are reading …

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