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A Dog Owner’s Guide to a Clean House

You might think you have to make a choice between owning dogs and having a clean house. However, it’s possible to enjoy both. The key is to come up with a strategic plan that prevents excessive messes and quickly and effectively deals with the ones that do happen. What follows are several tips and methods that other pet owners use …

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Pets are the best companions.  While there may be some annoyances, their companionship makes it often worth it.  If you have a pet who sheds, pet hair can be difficult or troublesome to pick up and clean, especially on clothes and furniture.  Pet hair gets stuck in small crevices, and often between cloth threads and fabric, making it even harder …

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How to Use a Snuffle Mat for Dogs

If you’re reading this post, it’s possible you’re acquainted with the idea of snuffle mats or you’re snuffle-mat-curious. You may have heard about the idea in passing, but you’re unsure what—if you’ll pardon the pun—it entails. You know that the word ‘snuffle’ must mean it’s got something to do with dogs. But what are they snuffling? And how does it …

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Top 10 Dog Related Mobile Apps

Technology, through the years, has made our lives easier. Today we have all kinds of applications that help us in daily tasks that were previously a burden. There are also applications for those of us who have pets and that improve our lives and coexistence with them. We are going to show you some of the best apps for you …

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Fantastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all know the type. There are people who have a dog, and then are dog lovers. These people really love their four-legged friends, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they prefer them to a lot of their human friends! Pets and pet lovers love gifts year-round. We’ve picked out some of the best gifts for your pooch-mad loved ones! …

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