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Turn your Instagram, Facebook and Photos into Glossy Fridge Magnets

You have tons of pictures of your pet online. While digital images are nice, they aren’t always available for your enjoyment. Want an easy way to turn your Instagram, Facebook and Photos into glossy magnets for your fridge or any metallic surface?  Even better; with free, worldwide delivery? PicToMagnet.com provides an easy way to eternalize your memories into beautiful photo magnets …

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More Fantastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all know the type. There are people who have a dog, and then are dog lovers. These people really love their four-legged friends, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they prefer them to a lot of their human friends! With lots of gift-giving around the corner, we’ve picked out some of the best gifts for your pooch-mad loved ones!+ …

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6 Things to Buy Before Getting a Puppy

Puppies are loved because they are adorable, playful, and affectionate animals. That is why people may buy them impulsively without knowing the basic things to raise a puppy at home. Animals have some of the same basic emotions as humans. After deciding which breed to get, learn everything there is to know about them. To make things easier, here are …

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True Facts on How a Wireless Dog Fence Works

Wireless dog fences work upon mechanisms involving singular or conjoined transmitters. These may be used inside or outdoors with certain alterations to the setup specifications. When the collar receives the radio signals, it will emit a beep to warn the dog that it’s getting dangerously close to the limits of the boundaries at which point the collar will deliver a …

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Premium Pet Bed in Development

What more fitting than another bed blog article for our sleeping ginger? Anyone that has had any type of pet bed understands the frustration of buying a “premium” pet bed with the hopes of it being one that will actually last. Until now the best beds on the market were “orthopedic” foam and “premium” cotton stuffed beds. “THE DOG MATTRESS” …

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Smart GPS and QR Code Pet Tags

Have you ever had a pet run away or stolen from you? Or have you ever been away from home and wanted extra peace of mind that your pet is safe at home? For anyone who has lost a pet, it is devastating to the entire family. In a previous post, we wrote about a gps tracking device that can track your …

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