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5 Ways to Reduce Pet Odor Inside Your Home

Even though you love your pets and consider them to be beloved family members, the odors they leave behind can become intolerable. While many people accept this as a minor inconvenience that comes along with having a pet, there are plenty of steps you can take to eliminate pet odor. Using multiple methods can help you keep your home smelling …

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Which Dog Collar You Prefer For Your Dog

you have owned a new dog, you might be confused about its food, water, and especially buying a new collar for your new friend. There are several brands, designs, and materials present in the pets market, and you have to choose the right one from all of these kinds. There are different types in the market, like flat, spiked, martingales, …

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Dog Carriers: For Luxury or Necessity?

While the word “pet carrier” may conjure up images of spoiling pet owners sporting a small puppy in a designer bag or in a baby stroller for the sake of spoiling and luxury, pet carriers also serve many other functional means; they are an optional and sometimes a requirement for travel, and some crates can act like a ‘den’ and are …

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A Dog Owner’s Guide to a Clean House

You might think you have to make a choice between owning dogs and having a clean house. However, it’s possible to enjoy both. The key is to come up with a strategic plan that prevents excessive messes and quickly and effectively deals with the ones that do happen. What follows are several tips and methods that other pet owners use …

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