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Can Dogs See Ghosts

Often, dog owners see their pups stare into the distance as if they are observing something fishy. So it’s normal to question whether they are thinking of something or maybe sensing some paranormal activity.

This topic has been discussed many times between dog owners and paranormal activity experts. How can an owner tell if his dog is able to see a ghost?

Enhanced Senses

All dogs, some more than others, have extremely strong senses (smelling, hearing and observing). They can detect even the most insignificant movements.

Their smelling sense is somewhere between 1.000 and 10.000 stronger than the average human. When a dog’s senses are stimulated, the animal begins acting weird and stare into the distance as if there is something we cannot see.

We all know the stories of dogs using their smell to detect drugs, explosives and even some forms of cancers in people. A person with diabetes or epilepsy experiences changes in body odor and posture and even then can be enough to alert some dogs.

Seeing an Actual Ghost

Whether your dog can see ghosts or not it has everything to do with your own personal beliefs.

If you are the superstitious type and you are convinced spirits dwell among us you will most likely connect every strange behavior the dog is showing to ghosts.

There have been reports of dogs that start barking suddenly and flee for the corner of the room as if something has scared them. While there isn’t a solid proof that they have seen a ghost, the possibility exists.

On the other hand, try to observe the issue this way. The dog’s field of vision is wider than human’s and they can see objects at vast distances. Their eyes are also more adapted to spotting movement at dawn and dusk. Any small running animal in the distance can be the reason for the sudden onset of anxious behavior.

While we as humans get used to acting regularly to repeated situations, dogs just don’t get too adapted to things that scare and trigger them. That’s why their erratic behavior isn’t something to be too much worried about.


We hope you got the bigger picture of the keen senses dogs have. The answer to the question of whether dogs can see ghosts or not is just a matter of perception. People analyze all things in a much more detailed manner compared to animals, often thinking that there is more to a situation than it meets the eye.

There is no scientific proof that dogs can see ghosts.

Besides, there are a lot of things that can make a dog act odd. If the behavior is often repeated and starting to get irritating, probably it’s time to reach for professional help. The first thing to do is to take your dog to the vet for a complete health check-up. Chronic pain can contribute to strange and unusual behavior in all animals. If the problem is of psychological nature, taking dog classes and collaborating with a dog behaviorist can fix the problem.

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