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Business Ideas for People Who Love Dogs

If you love dogs and would happily spend all day with them, then you might be thinking about starting your own business offering a service to dog owners. Many dog owners would love to be able to spend all their time with their precious pooch but are unable to due to work commitments.

Because of this, there is a booming market for pet sitters, doggy day care facilities, and dog walkers. If you are interested in starting a business where you’ll get to look after and play with dogs all day long, then these are some high-demand options to consider.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are always in high demand as people are not always able to take their pets with them on a trip or vacation. As a pet sitter, you may simply want to advertise services for looking after dogs or extend this to other animals like cats, rabbits, or even horses if you are knowledgeable about caring for them. Before you get started, you should make sure that you have insurance for professional pet carers as no matter how careful you are, anything can happen when you are looking after animals.

Doggy Day Care

If you have a facility or premises that could easily be used to house a lots of dogs throughout the day, then starting your own doggy day care facility might be worth considering. These facilities are designed to be somewhere that dog owners can leave their pooch throughout the day as they are working, with peace of mind that their pet is in good hands and having fun playing with other dogs rather than being home alone. While more and more people have been working from home over the past few years leading to a decrease in demand for doggy day care, an uptick in going back to work in the office is driving the demand back up again.

Dog Walking

If you want to run a business that will get you out and about and keep you active along with allowing you to spend all of your time with dogs, then setting up as a dog walker is a great choice. Dog walking is a good business idea to consider if you are on a low budget as there are not many start-up costs to consider. You will usually either have the dog dropped off with you or be trusted to pick it up from the owner’s home to walk at set times. You may be walking a few dogs at once, so you’ll need to be experienced enough to handle this. Like other businesses involving pets, you’ll also need insurance.

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is another popular business idea that you may be interested in if you love dogs. Lots of owners pay groomers to keep their pet in perfect condition. You’ll provide a range of services including bathing, brushing, and hair clipping services.

If you love dogs, there are definitely lots of great, in-demand business ideas that allow you to spend all your time with them.

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