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Breeder Guidelines for Selling Puppies

Selling puppies is a huge responsibility and it can be very overwhelming if you’re just starting out as a breeder. Even experienced breeders get foxed from time to time.

As a breeder, you are responsible for taking care of the puppies and finding them good homes where they will be loved and well looked after.

What are the basics that you must ensure when you are selling a litter? What safety measures must you take to secure yourself as a breeder? We answer all these questions and address the basics.

Selling puppies

When you sell puppies here are some things to keep in mind. Giving your puppies a good home as a responsible breeder gives you an edge above others.


Puppies well socialized are always the most well adjusted. They are happy and get along with humans and other animals alike. Oftentimes socialisation of puppies is overlooked but it is the most important. A well-adjusted puppy grows up to be a well-mannered dog. Socializing puppies is an important part of the training. A litter must be on their mother’s milk until 8 weeks and should not be separated. It is by 8 weeks that puppies learn to socialize and adjust as well.


Present cute, happy and playful puppies to your buyers. Don’t let the pet eat just before or they’ll be sleepy. Groom the puppies beforehand and add little personalized touches like collars. Take the time to know your puppies so you know their personalities as they grow up. This will help you to present the puppies that you think match the buyers’ criteria and needs.


Advertise your puppies online and offline. Puppy influencer websites and local kennels are great to let the locals know of your puppies. Weekend newspapers and magazines reach out to prospective buyers too. You’ll connect with buyers more over the weekends. Click good photographs of playful puppies for advertising. Visuals are very important to attract good buyers. As Davy Feller from Puppy Joy explains, one of the most important pieces to being able to find the right families for your puppies is from the quality of the photos you take. The best time to advertise and click pictures of your puppies is between 4 – 8 weeks of age when they are at their cutest.


Gently probing buyers to know the kind of home they are taking the puppy home to is very important. You want to match the buyer’s personality to the puppy’s. A high energy household can take care of a high energy puppy and give it plenty of exercise. Someone with a sedentary lifestyle deserves a puppy who isn’t too energetic. As a precaution, we advise you not to disclose the prices until you have spoken to the buyers personally. This gives you a chance to show off your puppies. Keeping up a friendly disposition with your buyers will earn you goodwill. Help them find the perfect puppy for them by getting to know them as well.


Breeders are very prone to theft and it is of utmost importance that you secure your kennel before advertising.

Make appointments

Instead of discussing your schedule with buyers, make appointments for them to come to visit. It jeopardizes your safety if buyers are aware of when you’re not at home.

Security deposits

When buyers finalize a puppy, it is wise to take a deposit as security. This way you’re assured that the buyer will come and take the puppy when it is of age. In the event that the buyer is unable to pick the puppy up at the scheduled time, set the condition of full payment upfront to ensure that the puppy will be taken to its new home.

Secure fence

After advertising your puppies, everyone would be aware of your puppies and there would-be thieves on the lookout to steal. Securing your home and kennel with padlocked fences and spiked walls is a good decision. Let only trusted individuals in and keep an eagle eye on your puppies.

Apart from these major concerns having a vet onboard and some help with the puppies will allow you to have some me-time too. When you get into the breeding business take care not to have a mother birth two times a year. Ideally, there must be a gap of at least one year between litters. In case you get a buyer who seems unable to give the puppy a good home, gently give them other options and talk to them about why a dog isn’t the best option for them.

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