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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Pets are the best companions.  While there may be some annoyances, their companionship makes it often worth it.  If you have a pet who sheds, pet hair can be difficult or troublesome to pick up and clean, especially on clothes and furniture.  Pet hair gets stuck in small crevices, and often between cloth threads and fabric, making it even harder to pull and pick up.


Shedding is natural in most pets, but if not removed can cause nuisances and even health issues, not to mention make your home dirty and stuffy.  Pet hair that remains can be the source of allergies and can attract moths and carpet beetles, which are known to eat hair.  Allergies for some, can even be fatal.

Combating Pet Hair

Combating pet hair is common for all pet owners, but a roll on lint remover is not always enough.  You need a pet vacuum.

Pet owners might expect that a pet vacuum, with the word “pet” in the model name would do, but some vacuums simply work better than others.  Others also offer filtration, high power features, tools and accessories, etc.

Vacuums come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are more portable than others.  There are upright, canister, all-round, cordless stick, hand held, even motorized robots.

Choosing the Right Vacuum

How do you choose a vacuum?

When choosing a vacuum, look out for some of these considerations:

  1. Price.  Price often coincides with the quality of a product.  As with most things, you get what you pay for.
  2. Durability.  Depending on how long you want your vacuum to last, durability is often a factor.  Will it be used indoors, outdoors, banged around, etc.?
  3. Effectiveness is a big consideration.  Does it pick up hair well?  Pet hair gets stuck in small crevices, and often between cloth threads and fabric, making it even harder to pull and pick up.
  4. Allergies?  If you suffer from allergies, best vacuums have HEPA filters and significantly reduce allergens in the air.

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