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Finding a Great Harness

Many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to have some form of syringomyelia which can be triggered when your dog is a on a lead.  Dog collars that go around the neck when attached to a leash can trigger a bought of scratching brought on by this disease.  Thus the importance of having a good harness is crucial to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels owners to avoid irritation brought on by leashes and dog collars.

Things to look for in a good harness

Dog collars for attaching leashes to should be a thing of the past. They are uncomfortable and not safe for some dogs.

Martingales (no pull collars), choke and prong collars are also not recommended. The most humane and safest option for walking a dog who tends to pull is a front-leash harness.”

Easy to put on

When looking for a good leash/good harness, you should always look for a harness that allows for a stress-free, easy experience and only takes a few seconds to put on.

Proper Size

Make sure that the harness is the proper size.  Ensure that the harness is adjustable and can be adjusted to not be too loose or too tight.

Harness Varieties

Did you know there were several kinds of harnesses?

EZHarness by DEXDOG

Walking Harness

Walking/running harnesses are the most common type of harness.  Most harness vests are made to step in, wrap around your dog and clip to the back.

Theses harnesses wrap around the front of your dog’s shoulders and under the chest and fastens behind the shoulder blades. The leash is then attached behind the dog’s shoulder blades.

There is also a popular harness called the DEXDOG EZHarness, which slips right on your dog and eliminated rashes or harness rubbing.  You slide it right around their neck and there is no need to lift up their legs which some dogs are not too fond of.

Another comfortable walking harness we like is made by Gooby.  We like it for the quality in materials, flexibility, lightweight, and ease of putting on.

Find more walking harnesses here:

Training Harness

Training Harness

Training harnesses are common for dog owners who’s dogs pull on their leash.  This harness fits identically to the walking harness, EXCEPT that the leash clips in front of the dog’s shoulders rather than behind.  This design assists in breaking a dog of it’s pulling habit.

A few dogs are so strong or aggressive that a front attachment harness is not enough control. For these dogs we recommend that you attach the leash to both the back and the front or use a head halter.

Find various training harnesses here: 

Lift-Assist Harness

Lift Assist Harness for Dogs

Lift-Assist Harnesses are typically designed for senior dogs, dogs that have bad joints, or dogs that have trouble jumping onto things, like in the car.  This harness is worn just like a walking harness and is equipped with a handle behind the shoulder blades or under the stomach to lift the dog when he/she needs assistance.

Find various lift-assist harnesses here:

Because these harnesses are not as common and are a specialty item, they make range more in price and can only be found at a specialty retailer.

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