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Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Cancer, ‘the big C word,’ is an unfortunate all-too-common disease that attacks too many living creatures on the planet, including our beloved four-legged friends. Another C-word, CBD, has emerged in the past half-decade as an all-natural remedy for cancer-related symptoms in both humans and dogs.

Now, let’s be absolutely clear here: CBD oil cannot solely act as a cure for cancer but has a number of health benefits to help remedy its symptoms and side effects. It’s worth reading how it works, & how to choose the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer among the many brands.

Depending on the type of cancer your dog has as well as the disease’s stage of progression, a veterinarian or oncologist could recommend a variety of different treatment protocols. Common cancer protocols include surgeries to remove tumors, chemotherapy, and auxiliary meds. CBD, a natural supplement — specifically in an oil — can help to alleviate the pain associated with the cancer protocols for dogs.

A June 2015 National Geographic story, titled “High Science,” conducted an in-depth study on the effects that CBD had on animals that were riddled with cancer. When referencing the cannabis plant, the article’s author, American historian Hampton Sides, said the plant nearly went into “hiding” for 70 years and that the untrue knowledge of the cannabis plant was, “by definition, criminal activity.”

Sides said he visited a laboratory in Spain run by a biochemist to gather evidence in proving that cannabinoids (CBD) can properly function as an anticancer agent in animals. The biochemist, Manuel Guzmán, had been studying the link between CBD and animals for 20 years, according to Sides.

In his study, Guzmán referenced a rat that had a “large mass lodged in the right hemisphere of its brain.” Guzmán said after being given CBD for a week, the rat’s tumor didn’t only shrink but it completely disappeared.

Guzmán and his colleagues said they’ve been treating cancer animals with cannabis compounds for over 15 years and in a third of their cases with rats, cancer cells were completely eradicated and in the other third, reduced.

The study dictated that even though rats don’t share much of the same genetic and biological makeup as dogs, the scientific proof that CBD could help alleviate cancer symptoms was undeniable.

The fact is, fighting cancer has been a lingering battle for living organisms that can contract the disease for as long as time. While there is no concrete evidence that CBD can cure the widespread disease, there is ample evidence that suggests it can be beneficial to cancer patients, both animal and human.

A study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, rallies behind the use of CBD for dogs, stating it has a unique set of tumor-shrinking properties and can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote gut health, helps with digestion, stimulates appetites, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep within dogs.

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

Because pain is a common side effect of cancer treatment, pain management is a significant factor in the way dog owners treat cancer within canines. Since a variety of prescription medicine has unwanted side effects, CBD oil has been an increasingly popular alternative. Besides being a naturally-occurring compound, CBD oil is relatively easy to administer to dogs as well and doesn’t come with any hardcore consequences. Dogs may typically feel drowsy, tired, or lethargic after taking too much CBD oil but for the most part, it’s an easy and quick change of course.

Dog owners are recommended to mix CBD oil in with a dog’s regular diet or simply add it into their water bowl. As doses vary per dog based on weight, the general rule of thumb is 0.2 mg per pound of your dog’s weight.

Immune System Boosting

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health says there is a close link between the endocannabinoid system and the dog’s immune systems. CBD has been proven to reduce oxidative stress, a process that relates to a dog’s body’s ability to fight off pathogens without damaging healthy tissue. CBD has been known to help regulate the gut system within dogs, making it easier for them to digest food and their overall immune system.

Talk to the Docs

Even though CBD is an all-natural product that is available over the counter in a variety of places throughout North America, it’s always important to consider its use with a veterinarian. Your vet might be inclined to want to give you CBD at a different time, depending on what medication your dog is already on. And even though the California Veterinary Medical Association has won a push to legislate the discussion of cannabis-based medicine within their field, some vets aren’t very receptive to the research of cannabidiol and dogs. If you’re open to further discussions about CBD with your dog, especially if it’s fighting cancer, you may want to seek a holistic veterinarian who’s close to you who specializes in natural remedies and alternative medicine.

Always remember, CBD oil is not a cure for cancer within dogs but there is enough research-based support to make it a valuable supplement to help you and your dog’s fight throughout the entire cancer treatment process.

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